Physics Department

Todd M. Tinsley, Ph.D. '98

Todd Tinsley 2023

Todd M. Tinsley, Ph.D.

Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

Professor of Physics Fausett Hall 202 (501) 450-1254 (501) 450-1490

Hendrix College Department of Physics Granted Membership in APS-IDEA Network

Professional organization for physicists recognizes efforts for equity, diversity, inclusion

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Dr. Tinsley is a theorist working in the area of elementary particles and fields. He studies how the most fundamental constituents of matter behave in the presence of intense electromagnetic fields. The strength of these fields can only be found in the most exotic astrophysical phenomena (e.g. supernovae, magnetars) and in laboratories for the briefest of moments (~10 -15 s).

Academic Background

  • B.A., Hendrix College, '98
  • Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, '05

2020-2021 Courses

  • Fall

    • PHYS 235 General Physics I (Workshop)
    • PHYS 430 Independent Study - Quantum Mechanics
    • PHYS 450 Directed Research


  • Spring

    • Sabbatical


Recent Publications

  • with D.A. Dicus, W.W. Repko, and A. Farzinnia, "Muon decay in a linearly polarized laser field."  Physical Review D 80 , 073004 (2009).


  • with D.A. Dicus, W.W. Repko, and A. Farzinnia, "Muon decay in a laser field."  Physical Review D 79 , 013004 (2009).


  • with D.A. Dicus, W.W. Repko, and A. Farzinnia, "Pair Production with neutrinos in a background magnetic field."  Physical Review D 76 , 025005 (2007).