• Hendrix College

    Other Languages

  • Hendrix offers instruction at the elementary level in Hebrew.  Advanced level English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses are also available for international students who test into these courses.


    The two-course sequence in Biblical Hebrew language is offered periodically, generally once every three years. Together the courses provide an introduction to the classical form of Hebrew as preserved in the narrative texts of the Hebrew Bible (also known as the Tanak or Old Testament).

    Students new to the language should begin with HEBR 110 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew I in the fall semester, followed by HEBR 120 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew II in the spring. Those completing HEBR 120 will receive credit for the LA capacity. Students with a background in the language may take a placement exam to exempt one or both courses.


    The ESOL program consists of two academic-year courses: ESOL 118 English for Academic Purposes I and ESOL 119 English for Academic Purposes II, that are designed to help international students develop the language and critical thinking skills necessary to become engaged, contributing, and successful students at Hendrix. Placement into these courses is determined by an English Placement Test, administered by the English Placement Committee (Gwen Stockwell and two members of the English Department Faculty) and required of all international students for whom English was not their primary language in childhood.