Spelunking Sweet Times

Get real and descend into the darkest depths of the War Eagle Caverns with Tucker Pratt (The Extreme! Head-Banging Beach Homie). Become a part of the adventuring team with Jellyfish Jolted Cole McVay, Dolphin Dancing Leah Crenshaw, and Mermaid Friend Kate Sanders and spend an afternoon exploring the largest cavern system in the Ozarks! After you’ve muddied yourself from head to toe, head back to the cabins and shower up before chowing down on some walking tacos! 

Due to the rugged and challenging nature of the caving activity, please consider the following before signing up:

  • Participants must be fairly brave

  • Do not pick this trip if you are afraid of the dark, claustrophobic, or predisposed to anxiety in small, dark spaces

    • Some parts of the caves will have small spaces that will not accommodate all body types. Participants cannot have more than a ’44-inch waist.

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