Hiking at Petit Jean

A good camping trip isn’t complete without a great hike or two. On this trip you’ll hit the trails with head troop leader Kendra Schwartz ‘18 and her fantastic team of expert guides (map and compass enthusiast Austin Lacey ’18; world renowned tree and plant whisperer Liz Phelps ’19; and professional scat interpreter, Giorgy Sarishvili ’18. If you like hiking, wildlife, camping (in cabins), mountains, plants, bug spray, and/or Arkansas, this trip is perfect for you! One trail even includes a gorgeous water fall. Friday you’ll settle into your picture perfect cabins and maybe wander around the lodge area before tucking in for a good night sleep. Saturday you’ll hike around the beautiful Petit Jean state park before relaxing by the pool in the afternoon. Sunday morning you can take a sunrise hike, or sleep in before heading back to Conway! 

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