Canoeing the Spring River: Hardy

Strap on your boating hats because you’re about to canoe down the scenic Spring River! The trip’s fearless Peer Leader, lady-bug tamer Grace Featherston, will canoe you to safety with her team of fantastic OR Leaders: Jamie Jennen (renowned jello juggler), Sammie Egan (tiger-stripe painter), and Tucker Pratt (clown heckler). You’ll be camping at the scenic Spring River: Oaks campgrounds, complete with plenty of s’mores and ghost stories. Bring your swimsuits, ‘cause there will be plenty of options to channel your inner fish! On Sunday, you’ll pile onto the bus and head on home to Hendrix!

  • Camping

  • Water based activity

  • Ability to swim is preferred, but not required. Life vests will be provided. 


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