Fishin' the White River

This team is quite the catch—master fisherwoman and fish lover Angela Lamb ’17 spear heads the all-star team of:  International Bass Fishing Champion Braxton Anderson ‘17, Renown Fish Psychic Blythe Bull ‘17 and Fish Conflict Resolution Specialist And Aquatic Translator Hueseng Xiong ’19. This trip also includes a Legendary Fishing Extraordinaire and Mega Media Mogul Travis "Power to the" Peeples . After making camp along the picturesque White River on Friday Night they’ll be ghost stories around the campfire before an early night in preparation for the follow day—fishing! Saturday bright and early you’ll head out to catch your trout dinner for that night. You can take a break from fishing in the afternoon with hiking and swimming before the fish fry courtesy of Travis! Don’t worry if you’ve never fished before, by the end of the trip you’ll be and expert! Plus you know what they say, “teach a man to fish…”

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