Waterskiing at Brady Mountain!

Make like a striped bass and swim on down to Brady Mountain. You’ll find yourself *breathless* when you see the crystal-clear marina where you’ll be swimming (duh), tubing (impressive), and waterskiing (unreal). But never fear—school leader Ian McVinney and the wise old fish Olga Delgadillo, Katy Divino, and Matt Tran will be there to breathe life back into your tiny gills. When your fins start to get tired you can flop on your side and soak up the sun on a two-story party barge before slipping down the attached slide into the refreshing lake so you don’t die. Afterward, join up with your new friends and hang out back at the resort for some games and comradery. Be sure to pack sunscreen! You wouldn’t want your scales to get burnt, would you? 

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