Service in Fayetteville

Check out one of the prettiest regions in Arkansas: Devil’s Den State Park! Phillip Powell, the punk rock prince, and his team Katy “Amped up” Abramowitz, Grace “Goth Rock” Gobbi, and Maddie Franke the drumming dreamer will be leading you on a trip to the lively Fayetteville, Arkansas! You’ll drive up to sweet cabins in the State Park staying inside The White Stripes on Friday night. After gooey s’mores you’ll be up early Saturday morning to garden at the charming Tricycle Farms, which you’ll follow up with a tea-making workshop in the afternoon. Get pumped. Afterwards, you’ll explore Fayetteville before heading back to the cabins. On Sunday you’ll swim and maybe hike before headin’ back to good ol’ Homedrix.  

  • Lodging
  • Lightly strenuous activity