Hot Springs

Who hates theme and water parks? No one! There’s roller coasters, water slides, carnival games, and amazing fried goodies! This trip takes you to the wonderful Magic Springs and Crystal Falls—the best and only theme park in Arkansas. The official Theme park exploring troop of master roller coaster rider and troop leader Kevin Krajcir ’17, three time world champion ring toss thrower Morgan Carrico ’17, Master roller coaster scream expert Katherine Skartvedt ’19, renowned theme park food expert Alice Fan ’19. This team will keep you busy all day Saturday riding rides, eating food and enjoying all the park offers. Worried about camping? Well don’t, you’ll be tucked in all nice and cozy in cute little cabins. You and your new BFFL’s can also explore the perfect little downtown area in Hot springs, and maybe even hangout in the natural springs!

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