Canoeing the Spring River: Many Islands & Oaks

Two trips in one? Heck yes! These trips are so notoriously fun we had to put them together. People have so much fun on this trip; we have to send two groups to play in these waters! Both of these wonderful trips make camp on Friday night and start to prepare to the practical jokes that inevitably break out between the two trips. When you’re not pranking the neighboring camp sites, you’ll be canoeing and enjoying floating down the Spring River all day Saturday! Your Many Islands Squad led by Konrad Witkowski ‘18 and his team of professional pranksters (Expert water balloon markswoman, Sammie Egan ’19; three time world champion silly string-er, Evan Olson ’19; and 2015 annual prank war invitational winner Ali Stone ’19) are ready to canoe and take on the crew at Oaks lead by Christina Lucio ’17 with her team of expert jokers (master of mischievous acts, Rachael Arp ’18; nationally certified hider and sneaker, Cordell Campbell ’19; and internationally acclaimed prank planner Adam Williams ’19). We know for sure this trip won’t be boring, so if you’re a prankster or if you’re love to canoe this trip is for you! 

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