Canoeing the Spring River: Oaks & Many Islands

Canoeing the Spring River: Oaks
Can you canoe? It sure doesn't matter because Rose “rock out” Johnson, will be there to guide you! She, along with her trusted bandmates Logan “the lyricist” Ingram, Riley “Rap Rock” Brown, and Gabby “Nirvana Nerd” Naples will supply a rockin’ OR experience. You’ll ride up to the Spring River: Oaks campground on Friday afternoon and get all settled into your campsites. After some s’mores and a great night of rest, you’ll wake up to canoe down the scenic Spring River! watch out for Nine Inch Nails on the train tracks. After some swimmin’ and snackin’ and s’more s’more’n, you’ll head back Homedrix on Sunday morning with your new squad! 

  • Camping, swimming, canoein’, jammin’
  • Ability to swim is preferred, but not required.  Life vests will be available.

    Canoeing the Spring River: Many Islands
    Ready for some good vibrations? We sure hope so! Get ready to rock and row down the Spring River under the command of alt-rock aficionadoAubrey French. He’ll be grooving his way to Spring River with his OR leaders Annie Kannady The Roling Stones Rock collector, Olivia “Led Zeplin lover” Larson, Tali “Tambourine Tapper” Ramirez. On Friday afternoon you’ll rock out on the Spring River: Many Islands campground to get cozy in your tents and start some s'mores but watch out for the Beatles. On Saturday you’ll head straight to the river for a day of canoeing and Rock music jammin’! After dinner y’all will get a super glam night’s rest and head back to Homedrix in the morning! 
  • Camping, swimming, canoein’
  • Ability to swim is preferred, but not required.  Life vests will be available.