Blanchard Springs

The mash up maniac MaryClaire Fox, will dance you through stalagmites and stalactites and strobe lights (well maybe not in the caves) in Blanchard Springs! To help wrangle those boss bats is her team of OR leaders Mark “Jazz Jamin” Johnson, Monique Williams the glam rock gal, and Mary Dann Betbeze the Brit Pop Bopper ready for the trip of a lifetime! We’ll head to Mountain View, Arkansas on Friday Night to get settled into some sweet lodging! On Saturday we’ll be up bright and early to go ‘splorin at the caves on a guided tour! Be sure to rest or you'll be a Weezer. We’ll hang out for some swimming and lunch, then head into Mountain View to tour Arkansas’s historic town. On Sunday we’ll pack up and head back to good old Homedrix!  

•Tight spaces
•Lightly strenuous activity