Ballin' in Blanchard Springs

Do you like dark spaces? Sparkly crystals? Stalagmites? Stalactites? If you do, you are either a bat or the perfect person for this trip. In either case your courageous cave exploring team (lead by Bat Mating Call Expert Kelsi Stimack ’18 and assisted by Professional Stalagmite Therapist Jackson Fitzgibbon ’17 and Instagram Famous Sock Collector Breann Forbes ’18 and World Renown Folk Piano Player Anna Nester ’17) will keep you safe as you wander through the beautiful Blanchard caverns. The caverns are the perfect escape for those campers who hate the Arkansas heat—they’re always 58 degrees! After your ‘sploring you can swim back at the cabins, or wander into the historic downtown in the Folk Music Capital of the World! 

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