The Odyssey Program

October 2019 Odyssey Grants

Hendrix Odyssey Program

Project Funding

October 2019


The Hendrix Committee on Engaged Learning is pleased to announce the recipients of Odyssey grants for the October 2019 cycle. Since 2005, the Committee on Engaged Learning has awarded $4,335,706.71 in competitive Odyssey grants to support projects by Hendrix students and faculty. In that time, more than 3,000 students have participated in funded projects. In this cycle, 14 projects received $30,548 in grants.


Amy Cabrera

Promoting Literacy in Arkansas

Category: SW

Supervisor: JJ Whitney, Chaplain's Office


AR Kids Read is a non-profit that promotes reading and offers tutoring for children who need help to achieve grade-level reading proficiency. Amy Cabrera will help spread the word about the organization and its mission as a Social Media and Digital Marketing intern. Her tasks will include supporting volunteer tutors in schools.


Kelly Gray

Bringing My Environmental Knowledge Home to Malaysia

Category: SW

Supervisor: Jenn Dearolf, Biology


Environmental studies major Kelly Gray spent a decade living in Malaysia, and she will return to Langkawi this winter. As a volunteer with Trash Hero Langkawi, Gray will apply what she has learned in class to the ecological and environmental issues affecting the island. Through the Trash Hero program, she will help clean up the island and preserve the diverse land and ocean habitats.


Jane Henderson

Research about Prejudice Reduction and Contextual Bible Study

Category: UR

Supervisor: Leslie Zorwick, Psychology


Under the guidance of Dr. Leslie Zorwick, Jane Henderson conducted research on how participation in a Contextual Bible Study about racial justice could lead to a reduction of prejudice among participants. In February, Henderson will present a poster on her results at the national meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in New Orleans.


Russell Jackson

Belizean Culture and the Developments of the Iguana Squad

Category: GA

Supervisor: Thad McCracken, Athletics


Through the Iguana Squad, Russell Jackson will participate in volunteer efforts that will give him an in-depth understanding of the people and culture of Belize. The service projects will directly impact educational opportunities and microbusinesses, so Jackson will see how school success can lead to economic opportunities in the country.


Helen Jeon and Monica Martinez

Understanding Immigration from New York to Arkansas

Category: SP

Supervisor: Peg Falls-Corbitt, Philosophy


Helen Jeon and Monica Martinez feel a strong connection to immigrants through their personal family backgrounds. They will travel to New York to explore both the history of immigration and its troubled future by visiting Ellis Island, the Tenement Museum, and the United Nations. Jeon and Martinez will also volunteer at Asian immigration centers and Latino resource centers, which will help them understand cultural issues in a larger urban environment.


Elizabeth Jones

Arkansas Jewish Archive Internship

Category: PL

Supervisor: Sasha Pfau, History


Elizabeth Jones plans to be a museum curator with a focus on Holocaust Education. To gain a broader understanding of Jewish culture and religion, she will intern at the Arkansas Jewish Archive this spring. Jones will work with historical documents concerning Jewish life, which will give her research skills in working with primary sources.


Ashley Juniewicz

Missouri Ambassadors of Music

Category: AC

Supervisor: Andrew Morgan, Music


As part of the Missouri Ambassadors of Music Choir, Ashley Juniewicz will help bring American choral music to Europe. The participants were selected based on excellence in vocal music, and they will perform in England, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein, and Germany in June 2020.


Violet Pirtle, Kyle O’Connor, and Austin Jared

Philosophy in Philadelphia

Category: SP

Supervisor: James Dow, Philosophy


Violet Pirtle, Kyle O’Connor, and Austin Jared will travel to Philadelphia for a meeting of the American Philosophy Association. They will learn about current philosophical conversations while comparing them to topics relevant to 18th century thinkers in the city. Before the conference, they will read and analyze philosophical works of the time, including writings by John Locke, Charles de Montesquieu, and Thomas Paine.


Theresa Thomas

Surgery, Scrubs, and Pasta in Italy

Category: SP

Supervisor: J. J. Whitney, Chaplain's Office


As a participant in The Atlantis Project, pre-med student Theresa Thomas will explore global health care while shadowing doctors at a hospital in Genoa, Italy. Thomas will become familiar with the medical profession in Italy, along with the country’s language, culture and customs.


Parker Work

Hendrix Tennis Graphic Design

Category: SP

Supervisor: Craig Kirchgessner, Athletics


Parker Work, who is a member of the Hendrix Tennis team, has an interest in photography and graphic design. Work will combine these in a project to promote the team and provide quality announcements and other materials for it, using on-the-spot sports journalism techniques to capture photographs of the athletes.


Makaila Wright

Conway Regional Physical Therapy Internship

Category: PL

Supervisor: Laura MacDonald, Biology


Makaila Wright plans to be a physical therapist, and she will learn more about the profession during a spring internship at the Conway Regional Physical Therapy Center. Wright will gain perspective on the relationship between healthcare provider and patient, the purpose and outcome of particular treatments, and proper use of the clinic’s equipment.


Prof. Melissa Gill

Puertografico: SCI Conference 2020

Category: SP


Prof. Melissa Gill plans to take art students Rylee Barnett and Ryan Wisely to the 2020 Southern Graphics Council International conference titled “Puertografico” in San Juan, Puerto Rico in April. The students will produce an edition of original prints for exchange and exhibition, along will participating in workshop sessions on technical skill-building and new theoretical frameworks that incorporate other disciplines such as biology, psychology, and politics.


Dr. Mark Goadrich

Solving Real-World Problems with Tools from Mathematics and Computer Science

Category: SP


Nine students will work in teams of three over a weekend to tackle real-world mathematical modeling problems for the 36th International Mathematical Contest in Modeling. Past problems have included evaluating the efficiency of traffic circles.


Prof. Matthew Lopas

Art Major Trip to the College Art Association Conference in Chicago

Category: SP


This February, Prof. Matthew Lopas will take a group of art majors to the 108th annual College Art Association Conference in Chicago. They will attend sessions that focus on scholarship, studio practice, portfolio review, professional development, and networking opportunities. The students will also visit the Art Institute of Chicago to make drawings from master works. Participating students include Katie Bell, Anna Bivens, Jenna Crouse, Victor Gomez, Dylan Hicks, Greta Kresse, Cole McVay, Myca Treat, James Trenthem, and Arthur Trickett-Wile.