The Odyssey Program

Hendrix Immersion Project (HIP)

A Special Projects Odyssey


HIP aims to do exactly what its name implies:  make you hip to the richness and diversity of life on the Hendrix College campus by helping you to immerse yourself in different types of on-campus events.

To sign up for HIP, see one of the HIP Advisors: 

  • Julie Brown, Director of Academic Success (SLTC 205 |
  • Ernest Hendley, Assistant Director of Academic Success (SLTC 207 |
  • Rynnett Clark, Coordinator of Career Connections (SLTC 224 |

HIP Packet (updated April 2022)

HIP Goals

By participating in HIP you will:  
  • Learn about the Hendrix College community and all the opportunities it offers for engagement.
  • Expand your horizons by getting out of your normal routine and participating in events you might otherwise overlook.
  • Gain insight into the kinds of engaged learning experiences that might serve as the basis for future Odyssey projects.
  • Earn Special Projects Odyssey credit upon successful completion of the project.
  • Establish a habit of self-motivated lifelong learning outside of the classroom.

HIP Requirements

In order to earn an SP Odyssey credit for your participation in HIP, you must:
  • Sign up with a HIP advisor, turn in the signed Statement of Intent Form(provided in packet) to the Odyssey Office
  • Attend 20 on-campus events as outlined in the “Type of Events” page in this packet.

NOTE: **You will need to check in with your sponsor after 10 events**

  • Get the signature at each event of one of its leaders in order to certify your attendance.
  • Reflect in writing on your experiences at each event by answering the provided prompts.
  • Complete a reflection paper at the end of your experience.  You and your advisor will discuss the details of the paper.
  • Submit a Project Completion Form to the Odyssey Office.
  • Complete all of the above requirements within 1 calendar year of signing up for HIP.

Types of Events

The requirements below for 20 total on-campus events have been designed so that you get maximum exposure to a diversity of on-campus activities and so that your participation in HIP will involve not less than the 30 hours required of SP Odyssey Projects. 

You must attend a number of different events in each of the 5 categories below, as indicated.  The types of events listed below are examples only. The remaining 2 events may come from any categories you choose.

Other events may qualify.  Consult your sponsor in advance if you wish to attend an event that is not included in the list below.

Campus Lectures and Presentations (4)

  • Buthman, Drake, Wilson Lectures
  • Chapel Services
  • Convocation Series
  • Hendrix-Murphy Programs
  • Miller Center Programs
  • Odyssey Exemplar Presentations
  • Steel Center Lectures
  • TED Presentations
  • Tuesday Talks
  • Undergraduate Research Presentations  

Campus Discussions           (4)

  • Film Screenings and Discussions
  • Friday Afternoon Discussions
  • Murphy Foreign Film Series, Murphy Readings and Book Discussions, English Department Discussion Series
  • Project Pericles Forums  

Varsity Athletic Events (4)

No more than one from each on-campus varsity sport. Men’s and women’s events count as separate sports.  

Other (2)

Can be from any category. Check with your sponsor for new events that aren’t listed here

Artistic Performances (4)

  • Art Exhibit Opening Receptions (student, faculty, or guest artist)
  • Music Recitals (faculty, student, guest)
  • Red Brick Film Festival
  • Student Activities Concerts
  • Student Ensemble Concerts
  • Theatre and Dance Productions
  • Word Garden Events    

Multicultural/Diversity Focused Programs (2)                                                                                                  

  • Multicultural Office programs
  • Office of International Student Services  programs
  • Multicultural Development Committee programs
  • Events held by diversity focused student organizations (Students for Black Culture, Unity, Students for Latin & Iberian Cultures, Students Advocating Gender Equality, and others)
  • Select Office of Student Activities events, Tuesday Talks, and Friday Afternoon Discussions (those focused on multiculturalism or diversity; see your sponsor for approval)