Your Hendrix Odyssey

Student contributions and summer housing guidelines

 Student Travel Contributions

Normally for Odyssey projects involving foreign travel, a student contribution in the range of $600-1000 will be appropriate.  For projects involving domestic travel, a student contribution in the range of $200-400 normally will be appropriate.

Summer Housing Guidelines

 Normally for proposals involving collaborative student/faculty projects taking place primarily or exclusively on campus during the summer, the following guidelines will be followed: 

(1) proposals should state explicitly the number of weeks and the number of hours per week that will be devoted to the project;

(2) the maximum stipend will normally be $300 per week for at least 30 hours per week;

(3) the maximum total stipend for the summer will normally be $2,400;

(4) while students working on Odyssey projects will be eligible to apply for Hendrix summer housing (apartments), if approved they would be expected to pay rent and utilities unless a specific exemption has been approved in writing by the Hendrix Business Office. 

(5) Applicants are free to include a request for housing funds in their Odyssey proposals.  Just as there is no guarantee that a stipend request will be funded, there is no guarantee that a request for housing money will be funded.  No one should promise any student applicant that she or he will automatically get “free housing” if the stipend request is funded.

 Note: Up to four roommates share an apartment.

Summer Housing conditions for students receiving
Odyssey summer grant/research opportunities

 Odyssey grant recipients who are completing projects during summer months may be eligible for on campus summer housing.  Please note the following:

  • Odyssey grant recipients may be exempt from the 8 week minimum stay; however, priority will be given to students staying at least 8 weeks.
  • If staying for less than the 8 week minimum, the cost is $12 a day (Minimum of 7 days for billing purposes); utilities are additional.  If staying for at least 8 weeks, the cost is $350 per month to be split among apartment mates; utilities are additional.  
  • Utility billing is through Conway Corporation and is done on a monthly basis; therefore Odyssey grant recipients staying for less than 4 weeks will be placed in apartments where at least one occupant will be housed for at least 1 month.  
  • All students staying in the apartments must sign a Summer Housing contract and are expected to abide by College Policies.