The Odyssey Program

Online Forms Guide for Students


Most of the Odyssey Program’s frequently used forms will be available online, starting in the Fall of 2019. The following forms are live: 

The online format will change the Odyssey approval and notification processes for students, faculty, and staff. This guide provides a quick overview of what students should expect from the process. 

 Submission, Approval, and Notification Process 

Here’s how the key steps of the online form processes will work and who will be involved in them. Please note that only Steps 1, 2, and 5 involve actions from the student. Screenshots illustrating them are included. The remaining steps are listed for information purposes only. 

  • Step 1 (Submission): The student fills out and submits one of the forms (such as the Completion Form). 

IMPORTANT: Be sure to consult with your supervisor for feedback before starting an online form. 

  • Step 2 (Notification of Receipt): The student receives an email that confirms the Odyssey office has received their form, and it has been sent to the supervisor for approval. See Fig. 1: Student Confirmation Email

  • Step 3 (Approval by Supervisor, Email): The supervisor will receive an approval request via email that contains all the pertinent information from the form, such as the name of student, project, date of completion and description. They will then indicate if they approve or reject.  

  • Step 4 (Approval by Odyssey Director): If the supervisor has approved a project, the details will be forwarded to the Odyssey Director for review and approval.  

  • Step 6 (Notification): If the supervisor and the Odyssey Office have approved a submission, the student and supervisor will receive an approval email. If either the supervisor or the Odyssey Office has rejected a project, the student and the supervisor will receive notifications requesting them to revise and submit a form again. See Fig. 2: Notification Email. 

Special Considerations for Online Forms 

The following considerations are important to keep in mind: 

  • There is no possibility to save and come back to an online form once you have started it. It is therefore essential for students and supervisors to work out the details of a project in advance. It is highly recommended that you have offline copies of the longer portions of the application (such as project descriptions and completion paragraphs) open to copy and paste text into the form.  

  • Be sure you type in your supervisor’s email address correctly. Otherwise, that person will not receive the request to approve your form, and you will have to resubmit another request. 

  • If a supervisor or a student needs to make minor modifications to any part of a submitted form (such as a deadline or project description edits), email the Odyssey Office. Do not submit a new form altogether.  

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