The Odyssey Program

Faculty and Staff Odyssey Access

Faculty and staff can serve in two separate capacities within the Odyssey Program. First, they can  propose a project, activity, or course to be coded for Odyssey credit for student participants. Second, they serve as supervisors for student projects and activities. As the supervisor for a project, you will be required to read the proposal and approve it before the experience can be considered for Odyssey credit. If you are the supervisor of record for a pre-approved activity, you will be asked to approve Statement of Intent requests for participating students. 

Proposing a Project, Activity, or Course 

If you would like to propose a project, familiarize yourself with the Odyssey Guide  first. The online proposal form will ask specific questions to determine if you will be requiring funding. You should use a Word document to draft your narrative before you complete the online form. Once you have everything ready, you submit a  Proposal Form to obtain credit approval. If you are seeking funding, you may find it helpful to fill out a budget worksheet and upload it with your proposal.

For Odyssey coding on a co-curricular activity, submit this form to the Odyssey Office. The proposal will be reviewed by the Odyssey Office and the Committee on Engaged Learning (CEL). CEL will review, discuss, and vote on pre-approved activity coding proposals within one month of submission. If approved, students who participate in the activity for Odyssey credit will need to submit a Statement of Intent with individual learning goals. Statements of Intent should be submitted online as early as possible in the experience and students may receive Odyssey credit only in the category for which the activity was pre-approved. Upon conclusion of the experience, students should submit the Project Completion and Transcript Notation form in order for credit to be awarded. Activities approved by CEL for Odyssey coding will be reviewed periodically at which time the primary contact will have an opportunity to update information and materials for CEL’s review. 

If you would like to propose an Odyssey code for a course or a course module, please submit an Odyssey Course or Module Proposal form. The form will ask you to be clear about the rationale, the activities that will fulfill the category criteria, the Odyssey-related learning goals, as well as approval from the Department Chair. Note the proposal deadlines of April 1 for fall semester coding and November 1 for spring semester coding. Coding requests must be submitted and approved before the start of the course.   

If you are serving as an Odyssey supervisor, familiarize yourself with the requirements for the six Odyssey categories. You can also review the On-line Forms Handbook for Faculty and Staff   

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