The Odyssey Program

Student Odyssey Access

As a student at Hendrix, you will be required to complete at least three Odyssey experiences, each from a different Odyssey category. You can fulfill these requirements by enrolling in an Odyssey-coded class, completing a Pre-Approved Activity or proposing your own project.

If you enroll in an Odyssey-coded class, you will automatically get credit if you pass the course with a grade of “C” or higher. Some classes allow only a portion of the students to earn Odyssey credit by enrolling in a module. Your instructor will have information for you on the expectations in this case. 

To enroll in a Pre-Approved Activity you need to have a conversation with the supervisor of the activity to get a sense of what the student expectations are and then submit a Statement of Intent Form

If you would like to propose your own project, read the Propose Your Own Odyssey guide first. Once you have everything ready, you need to submit a Proposal Form  to obtain credit approval. If you are seeking funding, you also need to fill out a Budget form and worksheet 2020 and upload it with your submission.

 Resources for Students: 

On-line Forms 

Contact the Odyssey Office