The Odyssey Program

SP Specific Reflection Questions

SP Specific Reflection Questions


Special Projects apply different ways of knowing, connect the methodologies of different disciplines, entail non-traditional ways of approaching a topic,” or immerse the student in “the spirit of engaged learning” in ways not represented by the other categories. (Odyssey Guide)


1.         Engaged learning necessarily involves bringing together at least two different approaches to knowing: theoretical and practical.  What theories or ideas about the world or about yourself are you testing or trying to put into practice through this project? 


2.         The Odyssey webpage lists some examples of different ways of knowing:  oral, verbal, tactile, imaginative, intuitive. How might your project involve several of these? What other ways of knowing do you expect the project to use or develop?  Explain.


3.         Are you self-consciously using different methods of knowing to problem-solve during your project, e.g., scientific, economic, artistic, literary, philosophical, religious, historical, social, mechanical, psychological, cultural or physical?  What methods are you most using and how is applying several methods to a common problem proving helpful or enlightening?


4.         What has this project demanded of you emotionally as well as cognitively?


5.         What different, and possibly competing, academic interests, vocational passions, life goals, or social aims are you exploring through this project? Has the project helped you gain clarity about what matters most to you and what you are willing to give up?


6.         As you know, and SP Odysseys generally does not fit into any of the other Odyssey categories. Imagine that the faculty wanted to recognize the type of experience you have had its own unique category to add to the list of six Odyssey categories. What would you name it and why?


7.         Through this project have you become more adept at integrating different ways of knowing and different parts of yourself?  How has employing and/or integrating different ways of knowing improved your understanding or the outcome? Explain.


8.         Hendrix motto is “unto the whole person.”  Would you say that doing your SP project has helped make you a more “whole person”?   Why or why not?


9.         One of the goals of a liberal education is a love for life-long learning.  Do you think the experience you have had with this Odyssey project helps equip you for life-long learning?  What lessons or skills have you learned that will help you be face difficulties, solve problems, or answer important questions in the future?