The Odyssey Program

AC Focused Reflection Questions

AC Focused Reflection Questions

“Regardless of the student’s initial stage of preparedness, the result should demonstrate growth in the chosen endeavor . . . While a stand-alone reflection component is not required in the AC category, deliberation over aesthetic choice and reflection upon one’s role in the creative arts are assumed to be part of the artistic development process and the production of a final product as required for the AC category.” (Odyssey Guide)

 For students completing an AC project away from campus, it is appropriate for supervisors to assign questions to be answered over the course of the project.


Students might be encourage to reflect upon:

1.         Their level of relevant artistic skill prior to the start of the project;


2.         Their progress in developing these and other necessary skills over time;


3.         Their aesthetic tastes and preferences related to the proposed project;


4.         How the project involves applying theory to practice and practice to theory: 

  • What ideas about what will and will not work are they testing?
  • What corrections in their ideas has working on the project forced them to make?
  • What aesthetic judgments or preferences are they putting into practice?
  • Has the reality of putting these into practice changed them?


5.         What they learned from success and what they learned from failure;


6.         Whether and how their sense of themselves as artists shifted due to this project;


7.         What personal fortitude was required to complete the project satisfactorily, and whether the greatest challenges were artistic, intellectual, or personal (having to do with their emotional attitudes, personality traits and character);


8.         Whether their aesthetic tastes, sense of beauty, and understanding of art as a profession changed or developed due to working on the project (from creating the final product and reflecting on it);


9.         How they hope to apply what they learned about art and about themselves.