The Odyssey Program

Guided Reflections-Introduction

Assignments for Guided Reflections

Engaged learning involves the student drawing overt connections between the hands-on activity and the ideas, theories, and self-understanding he or she has prior to doing the activity.  This reflection is best when it is an on-going part of the student’s Odyssey experience.  The Odyssey Office therefore encourages faculty members supervising Odyssey projects to design reflection assignments that guide the student into ever-deepening reflection over the course of the experience and that come to culmination in a final reflection piece, written or oral. 

Providing students with guidance for their reflections while they are away from campus can be challenging. These resources are made with that situation particularly in mind.

The links found below will take you to suggested handouts to use in making journal assignments. Faculty members are welcome to copy and use these handouts exactly as they are or to make changes as they wish. Students can also draw inspiration for topics that are geared for their specific experiences.

You will find two kinds of handouts:

Generic Journal Reflection Guide—This handout can be used regardless of the Odyssey category for which the project is designed. It basically provides the student with a set of directions for doing the  “What-So-What-Now What” journal that is explained in the Odyssey Guide. There are blank spaces where the professor may want to fill in his or her expectations for the regularity of the journal entries.

Category-Specific Reflection Guides—These handouts have questions for guiding reflections for specific Odyssey Categories. Odyssey supervisors and students are welcome to revise and use at will; however please note that questions on each handout have a developmental order.  Questions have been designed and ordered based on experiences with students and what they typically go through over the course of a summer when doing projects in the specific categories. 

While there is no guide for UR (Undergraduate Research), you may find questions in the PL handouts helpful in reflecting on what research experiences reveal about career or graduate school interests and other broader vocationally significant commitments.

AC Focused Reflection Guide

GA Focused Reflection Guide

PL (Leadership) Reflection Guide

PL (Professional Development) Reflection Guide

SP Focused Reflection Guide

SW (Civic Engagement) Reflection Guide

SW (Direct Alleviation of Suffering and Social Need) Reflection Guide