The Odyssey Program

Co-Curricular Activities Approved for Odyssey Credit

The following co-curricular activities are pre-approved for Odyssey credit. Interested students should reach out to the contact person listed for more information and to discuss the opportunity before completing the Statement of Intent. The Statement of Intent must be approved before the activity commences, or as early as possible thereafter. The Odyssey office does not accept Statements of Intent for activities already completed. A Project Completion form must be submitted at the conclusion of the activity in order to receive credit.


Artistic Creativity (AC)


Major Theatrical Productions

Students who are involved in major theatrical productions are encouraged to speak to the chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance about the possibility of earning Odyssey credit.
Contact: Ann Muse

Narrative Medicine Reading/Writing Group

Since 2019, students have organized reading and writing series around the topic of Narrative Medicine in order to study the practice and experience of medicine through the lens of creative writing. Participants range in number from 15-18 and come from many majors. They meet three or four times a semester to discuss readings on healthcare, illness, wellness, and the physician-patient relationship, chosen by student leaders in the genres of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. At the close of each session, student leaders issue a creative writing prompt so participants can try their own hand at writing in the forms, genres, and themes that they’ve encountered. At the end of the semester all participants write and polish their own piece of creative writing on some aspect of wellness, disease, healthcare, and the physician-patient relationship, and present it at a public event.

Contact: Hope Coulter


Global Awareness (GA)


HDX Study Abroad

Study Away | Hendrix College

Contact: Rebekah Nelson

International Students

International Student Services | Hendrix College

Contact: Rebekah Nelson

Miller Center Service-Learning Trips

Service-Learning Trips | Hendrix College

Contact: Ellen Alston


Professional and Leadership Development (PL)


Campus Kitty Chair

The Campus Kitty (CK) chair person is an elected student position appointed by the Student Senate. The Director of Student Activities offers input as to which student is hired, but ultimately the decision is made by the Senate. The chair manages the entire CK executive committee which consists of the following roles: Vice Chair, Awareness chair, Donations and Fundraising chair, Miss Hendrix Director, Secretary, and Treasurer. The chair also oversees the 20+ general committee members.

Contact: Jim Wiltgen

Career Services Internships

Internships | Hendrix College

Contact: Tricia Burris

Chaplain’s Office Student Ministerial Appointments

Contact: Ellen Alston

Hendrix Experience Ambassador Team (HEAT) Internships

Each intern oversees a very specific responsibility on the team, along with working and organizing all admission events (large events and day-to-day visits). The activities include but are not limited to the following – Running and Organizing the Hendrix Campus Walk Program; Running and Organizing the Residence Hall Walks and Odyssey Chats; Running and Organizing Volunteer Training and Networking on the campus; Running and Organizing the Hendrix Overnight Stay Program and Airport Shuttles (two interns hold this position). Interns work a minimum of 8 office hours a week each semester (approximately 130 hours a semester); however, the interns hold many other responsibilities aside from official office hours.

Contact: Jenn McKenzie

Hillel President

Contact: Josh Glick

Intercollegiate Athletics Leadership Program

Contact: Amy Weaver

Intercollegiate Spirit Squads Program

Contact: Haley Cramer

Orientation Coordinator

The successful Orientation Coordinator works directly with the Director of Student Activities to administer all aspects of the Orientation Program. Candidates must possess a positive attitude and service philosophy geared toward helping new students and parents become acclimated to Hendrix College. Specific responsibilities are: assist in the selection of the Peer Leaders and Orientation Leaders, assist in the training of the Peer Leaders and Orientation Leaders, assist in planning, coordinating, and implementing Winter Orientation, plan, coordinate, and manage Peer Leader training meetings, plan, coordinate, and implement the Orientation Spring Retreat, coordinate the Orientation Trip experiences (reservations, activities, payments, meals, etc.), The coordinator assists in the development of the New Student Orientation schedule, assists in the coordination and implementation of all activities during Orientation Week, assists with all advertisement and correspondence for Orientation Programs, and assists in evaluating all Orientation Programs.

Contact: Jim Wiltgen

Orientation Peer Leader

Peer Leaders serve as the peer‐to‐peer leadership team during Orientation. One Peer Leader is selected per 25 Orientation Trips. These volunteers help throughout the Spring Semester in selecting Orientation Leaders, developing the Orientation theme, and planning Orientation Trips. Peer Leaders arrive on campus one week prior to Orientation for continued training and preparation. Peer Leaders are in charge of leading three Orientation Leaders (OR Leaders) who are usually younger student leaders in their first major leadership role. Peer Leaders are to maintain a positive, service philosophy and have an appreciation for the legitimate and genuine representation of Hendrix College. They will assist the new students in succeeding at Hendrix College by aiding them in understanding and adjusting to their college experience. They will also be expected to serve as a catalyst for positive social interaction within their Orientation groups and beyond. Peer Leaders have a profound influence on the development of new students at such an eager time of learning. It is crucial that members selected for this position exert a strong, positive influence. Specific responsibilities include assisting with interviewing and selecting the Orientation (OR) Leaders., assisting in the planning and preparation for Fall training, providing leadership and guidance to Orientation Leaders and new students while on their trip, and assist in the evaluation of all Orientation programs and events.

Contact: Jim Wiltgen

Peer Learning Assistant

Contact: Liz Gron

Resident Assistant

Resident Assistants (RAs) are asked to manage on-campus residence facilities (halls, houses and apartments) involving 30- 152 undergraduate students. RAs plan monthly programs for their residents to support the diverse needs of residents within their community. They are expected to facilitate floor meetings to ensure that students are kept up-to-date on all important information and are required to frequently visit with their residents one-on-one to discuss events, developments and concerns on a personal level. They sometimes work in the office to perform duties such as responding to student and staff questions, answering the telephone, and other typical office functions. RAs are tasked with enforcing College and Residence Life policies resulting in a safe, orderly, and enjoyable living environments.

Contact: Greer Veon

Social Committee Chair

The Social Committee (SoCo) chair person is an elected student position appointed by the Student Senate. The Director of Student Activities offers input as to which student is hired, but ultimately the decision is made by the Senate. The chair manages the entire SoCo executive committee which consists of two event chairs (Music & Dance and Films/Special Events), a secretary, treasurer, and publicity chair. The chair also oversees the 20+ general committee members.

Contact: Jim Wiltgen

Student Outreach Alternative Resources

One of the ways Hendrix College facilitates support and communication is through Student Outreach Alternative Resources, or SOAR, a proactive, dedicated group of students on campus.  SOAR is made up of upper classmen (no freshmen) who are campus leaders wanting to make a difference in the lives of incoming students by serving students as peer mentors – not in the academic sense, but in the personal, social, and community worlds of the Hendrix College campus.  This is accomplished through non-academic mentoring, meal preparation and provision on nights the cafeteria is closed, off-campus-adventures, smaller and more laid-back social events, and Operation Reach Out for basic needs items.

Contact: Christy Coker

Technical Services Advanced Assistants

The Technical Services Advanced Assistant works in a challenging technology environment providing customer service, technology support, troubleshooting and maintenance in preparation for professional work and “real job” expectations.  Over the length of time of the opportunity (200 hours) an Advanced Assistant will encounter work that challenges and develops all 7 of the Professional Competencies referenced in the Career Term preparation series.  Successful students who pursue this opportunity are prepared for employment and work at a professional level.

Contact: Bobby Engeler-Young

UMYF Scholarship Program

Contact: Ellen Alston

Windgate Museum of Art Museum Student Workers

The WMA hires Hendrix students to serve as Museum Associates and Museum Educators. These paid positions are essential to the successful operation of the WMA and offer students the opportunity to learn about and reflect on possible future careers in the museum field. Students will have the opportunity to learn about and experience all facets of museum operations regardless of position or primary duties. Students will work 8-12 hours per week during the academic year. Serving as a WMA student worker supports the Odyssey learning goals and is a particularly good fit for the Professional and Leadership Development category because students who work in the WMA will have the opportunity to explore careers in the museum field, learn from professionals in the field, and consider their own interest in pursuing such. Further, students will gain skills and experiences through their WMA work that will be widely applicable personally and professionally and will be encouraged and expected to reflect on what they are learning and how they want to carry that learning forward.

Contact: Lindsey Knight

Workshop Physics Student Worker

Students who have been selected by the physics department to serve as Learning Assistants (LAs) in PHYS 235 and PHYS 245 have the opportunity to earn a PL Odyssey credit through completion of this activity.  LAs attend every class meeting and constitute part of the front-line instructional staff. They circulate throughout the class offering guidance, helping troubleshoot equipment and software, modeling problem-solving techniques, and the like. Their role is to help students master difficult physics concepts and techniques. They may serve as homework graders for the course and will participate in weekly course planning meetings. The students who serve in this way gain valuable exposure to nearly all aspects of the teaching process. They develop the skills and mind-set that are critical to teachers at any level be it K-12, baccalaureate, or graduate.  Students electing to participate in this activity will work a minimum of 100 hours over two years (tracked in an hours log maintained by the student) and maintain a weekly reflection journal guided by a set of questions provided by the faculty supervisor.

Contact: Damon Spayde


Special Projects (SP)


Bonhoeffer House

Contact: Ellen Alston

Explorations Peer Assistant

Contact: Julie Brown

Hendrix Immersion Project

Hendrix Immersion Project (HIP) | Hendrix College

Contact: Julie Brown

Hendrix Mock Trial Association

Contact: Jim Wiltgen

Hendrix Student Congress Delegation

Contact: Jim Wiltgen

International Ambassador Program

Contact: Rebekah Nelson

Peace Corps Prep Program

Contact: Hillary Looney

Theatre Arts Practicum

Contact: Ann Muse

Service to the World (SW)


Campus Kitty General Committee

Contact: Jim Wiltgen

Miller Center Internships

Internships | Hendrix College

Contact: Ellen Alston

Miller Center Service-Learning Trips

Service-Learning Trips | Hendrix College

Contact: Ellen Alston

Miller Center Service Scholars

Service Scholars | Hendrix College

Contact: Ellen Alston

Peer Note Taking: Service and Research in the Field of Disabilities

Contact: Julie Brown

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) - Arkansas Asset Builders

The student works with the Director of AR Asset Builders during the tax season to help organize and coordinate volunteers and activities involved in providing free tax return preparation for low-income individuals, especially to ensure they receive their Earned Income Credit amount.  The student might also provide advice on personal finance issues.

Contact: Lyle Rupert (others may supervise)


Undergraduate Research (UR)


Baker Prize Competition Winner

The Robert F. Baker Prize in Economic Research is a competitive research grant for undergraduate students at Hendrix College. Rising seniors from any major or department may apply for the prize, with an expectation that the research endeavor will be focused on economic analysis. The purpose of the Baker Prize is to introduce undergraduate students to economic research and development of professional skills related thereto.

Contact: William Haden Chomphosy

Windstream Case Study Competition

Each year, the Windstream Finance & Accounting Leadership Program runs a research competition for several Arkansas colleges and universities.  The purpose is to allow students to get experience dealing with a real-world problem by using real world data for possible solutions.  Using research skills, the teams will gather data, analyze it in the context of the problem, and present their solution to Windstream.  Finalist teams will be invited to the Windstream corporate office for the presentation to its executives.  This is an Undergraduate Research project. 

Contacts: Lyle Rupert or Gina Bergfeld


(Last Update: 3/9/22)