Your Hendrix Odyssey

April 2015 Odyssey Grants

The amount of Odyssey funding for student and faculty projects has now surpassed three million dollars. This April, the Committee on Engaged Learning awarded $97,881.75 in Odyssey grants to 38 projects, bringing the total awarded since the Odyssey Program’s inception in 2005 to $3,096,668.05.

This summer will be a time to pursue potential career interests and research experiences, while this fall features global explorations to understand the Holocaust and in-depth examinations of civil rights in Arkansas.

Kara Coffman

Internship at Fort Smith Public Libraries

Category: PL

Sponsor: Prof. Britt Murphy — Library

During her internship at the Fort Smith Public Library system, Kara Coffman will assist with various services, including the summer reading program and story time in the children’s section.

Brandon Cox

The Chemistry of Hand Building

Category: PL

Sponsor: Prof. Beth Lambert — Art

At the Arkansas Arts Center, Brandon Cox will explore the role of chemistry in ceramics, using a grid method to research various glazes on clay pieces that he will create. He hopes to understand the underlying molecular compositions that contribute to increasingly complex and controlled hand built objects.

Debra Crawford

An Inside Look at Physical Therapy

Category: PL

Sponsor: Prof. Sheila Rupert — Kinesiology

During her internship in the physical therapy department of the Conway Regional Medical Group, Debra Crawford will observe physical therapists as they work with a variety of injury types and patient demographics.

Hadley Crowl

Exploring economic development through the lens of a social impact investor

Category: PL

Sponsor: Prof. Lyle Rupert — Economics and Business

Hadley Crowl will use her training in statistical anlaysis to practice as an intern with Firestarter, a non-profit organization that helps philanthropists take an efficient research-based approach to charitable giving.

Ruthie Daniel

Internship at the Clinton Foundation

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Leslie Zorwick — Psychology

As a Communications Intern for the Clinton Foundation, Ruthie Daniel will work with the communications team on all media-related activities including speechwriting, presswork and preparation of materials for television, print and video for the press and general population.

Grace Dearing

College Away from Home: An Internship in Event Planning and Marketing

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Ralph Scott — Economics and Business

Grace Dearing will be a planning and marking intern for the Alumni Relations Department at Texas Lutheran University. She will contact alumni and coordinate the university’s homecoming and tailgating events.

Elizabeth Dye, John McAvey, Collin Shaddox, Kylie Dickerson, and Candyce Sarringer

The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

Category: SP

Sponsor: Dr. Gabe Ferrer — Computer Science

Elizabeth Dye, John McAvey, Collin Shaddox, Kylie Dickerson, and Candyce Sarringer will attend the 2015 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in Houston, Texas. The conference series focuses on research and career interests of women in computer science. This project is also supported by a generous donation from the Acxiom Corporation.

Mary Julia Emanuel

Summer Internship at the Arkansas Public Policy Panel

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Jay Barth — Politics and International Relations

As a research intern with the Arkansas Public Policy Panel in Little Rock, Mary Julia Emanuel will help with spreading the organization’s message on issues such as education, agriculture and natural gas that are relevant to the state.

Shaquille Grant

Assistant Prosecutor

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. James Jennings — History and Education

Working under the supervision of the deputy prosecuting attorney for the 20th Judicial District, Shaquille Grant will interview juveniles going through the court system, prepare petitions, assist in determining witnesses and preparing for trials, observe hearings and interact with probation officers.

Caitlyn Hendrickson

Internship at Heifer International

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. John Sanders — Religion

Working at the Heifer International Headquarters in Little Rock, Caitlyn Hendrickson will help translate statistics from projects dealing with equality between men and women in order to assemble and convey accessible information about how the organization is helping to close the gender gap.

Connor Herrold

Making a Case for My Legal Odyssey

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Alice Hines — English

In Garland County, Connor Herrold will get an inside look at the legal profession by working closely with a District Court Judge and his staff. He hopes to prepare himself for law school and his career goal of becoming an attorney.

Caitlin Hoffman

Internship with Faulkner County Court District

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Kiril Kolev — Politics and International Relations

As an intern at the Faulkner County District Court, Caitlin Hoffman will help staff organize case files, put them into the court’s computer system, and sit in on trials as she explores her career options in law.

Levi Jabben

Internship Across the Americas

Category: PL

Sponsor: Prof. Lyle Rupert — Economics and Business

Levi Jabben’s internship with Industrial Training International will have him travelling to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; Chicago, Ill.; Edmonton, Canada, and Woodland, Washington. He will see the industrial field and how it operates on a global scale.

Bayley Krell

More Than Just a Game: PR/Social Media Internship with Beyond Sports Network

Category: PL

Sponsor: Bri Cone — Athletics

At Beyond Sports Network, Bayley Krell will draft news releases and write sports articles to be published on the organization’s website. Krell will gather facts for media writing by attending sporting events and practices.

Cameron Meek

New Kensington Community Development Corporation Internship

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Jay Barth — Politics and International Relations

As the Community Engagement Intern at the New Kensington Community Development Corporation in Philadelphia Cameron Meek will help with initiatives to promote the organization’s goals for community-driven economic development, home ownership, increased access to healthy food, and responsible land management.

Sarah Moore

Domestic Violence Initiative

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Leslie Zorwick — Psychology

Sarah Moore will use her internship with the Domestic Violence Initiative to investigate how victims of domestic violence in Conway and Central Arkansas may actually become re-victimized by the criminal justice system in which the powerless and destitute are at a disadvantage.

Christina Morales

Internship at GENaustin

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Anne Goldberg — Sociology and Anthropology

GENaustin is a nonprofit organization in Austin that aims to empower young women through programs that build confidence, support learning skills for academic success, and increase awareness through community advocacy. As an intern, Christina Morales will build on her interest in social work and women’s issues.

Grace Oxley

94th Annual Associate Collegiate Press National College Media Convention Attendance

Category: SP

Sponsor: Prof. Maxine Payne — Art

Grace Oxley and seven other Hendrix students will participate in the 94th Annual Associate Collegiate Press National College Media Convention in Austin this fall. They will submit materials from campus publications and KHDX for critiques and attend medium-specific training sessions.

Allison Price

Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre Internship

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Marjorie Swann — English

Allison Price will be the dramaturgy intern for Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre’s production of Fiddler on the Roof this summer. She will do a presentation on the history of the show and create a study guide.

Lexus Raney, Megan Murphy and Dan D'Ostuni

Something Smells Fishy in the Seafood Industry

Category: UR

Sponsor: Dr. George Harper — Biology

Lexus Raney, Megan Murphy and Dan D'Ostuni will use molecular analysis methods to determine the true genetic composition of fish sold as red snapper in Arkansas and three adjoining states.

Tyler Ratliff, Alex McIntyre, Michelle Hunyh and David Dobry

Caffeine and Ethanol: A Slippery Slope to Risky Behavior or Media Sensationalism

Category: UR

Sponsor: Dr. Sara Taylor — Psychology

Using rats as test subjects, Tyler Ratliff, Alex McIntyre, Michelle Hunyh and David Dobry will examine interactions between ethanol and caffeine upon ethanol consumption, risk assessment, learning and memory.

Alex Raymond-Schmidt

Washington University Psychology Research Assistantship

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Leslie Zorwick — Psychology

At the Cognition and Development Lab at Washington University, Alex Raymond-Schmidt will learn to create study stimuli, recruit and test participants, code children’s behavior, analyze data and think critically about research questions.

Michala Roberts

Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre Dramaturgy Summer Internship

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Debapriya Sarkar — English

Michala Roberts will combine academics, artistry, and public relations experience as she works with the Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre this summer. She will be a dramaturge for an abridged children’s production of As You Like It.

William Ross

Experiencing the Courts: Internship at the Superior Courts of Orange County

Category: PL

Sponsor: Prof. Alan Eastham — Politics and International Relations

As an intern with the Superior Court in Orange County, Calif., William Ross will get to experience the legal field in a courtroom setting, where he will get to observe the inner workings of a profession he may one day pursue.

Janie Sanford, Zach Chastain and Nigel Halliday

American Model United Nations Secretariat

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Daniel Whelan — Politics and International Relations

Janie Sanford, Zach Chastain and Nigel Halliday will serve as staff members of the secretariat for the 2015 American Model United Nations International Collegiate Conference in Chicago this fall. They will draft research guides for participants, ensure that the conference deliberations follow United Nations procedures, and provide logistical support during the event.

Abigail Schlenk and Brady Rowe

2015 Dean's Civil Rights Trip

Category: GA

Sponsor: Jim Wiltgen — Student Affairs

This year’s Dean’s Civil Rights trip will focus on how Arkansas, and the surrounding area, is affected by recent civil rights issues. The group will visit centers that have been active in the fight for LGBT, racial and gender rights as participants explore how the state has played a part in these issues.

Sami Sexton

Exploring Political Activism through a Summer Internship

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Kimberly Maslin — Politics and International Relations

This summer, Sami Sexton will work with Project Vote Smart in Philipsburg, Montana. She will help the organization with its mission of helping citizens make informed voting decisions through non-biased research on politicians and current legislation.

Haley Shefferman

Jumpstarting Children's Education in Washington, D.C.

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Anne Goldberg — Sociology and Anthropology

Jumpstart, part of Americorps, has a mission to close the achievement gap between children from low and high income families. Haley Shefferman will work with preschool children in low-income neighborhoods to increase their language and literacy skills.

Adam Simon

Audio Engineer for KUAR in Little Rock

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Norman Boehm — Music

This summer, Adam Simon will learn about the equipment and technology at radio station KUAR in Little Rock. He hopes to build his knowledge of audio engineering, which is a career field of interest for him.

Elizabeth Soo

The Role of the Immune Receptor NLRP3 in Ischemic Organ Injury

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Mark Sutherland — Biology

At the University of California in San Diego, Elizabeth Soo will research the role of the NLRP3 protein in the immune response of transplanted organs, such as the kidney. When organs are transplanted, the lack of oxygen during the process can lead to cell death and the activation of the immune system.

August Stuppy

Volunteering at Hospice Home Care

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Andres Caro — Chemistry

Hospice Home Care in Conway provides terminally ill patients with compassion and comfort at the end of their lives. As a volunteer, August Stuppy hopes to learn about the sensitivity and comfort that members of the medical field can share with these patients.

Hamza Syed

Education through the Court

Category: PL

Sponsor: Prof. Alan Eastham — Politics and International Relations

Hamza Syed will gain an in-depth understanding of the judicial system while working at the District Court in Conway. The internship will allow Syed to work with and observe different lawyers in court and settlement hearings.

Robert Taylor

Delta Regional Authority Summer Fellowship

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Jay Barth — Politics and International Relations

As a Fellow with the Delta Regional Authority in Clarksdale, Miss., Robert Taylor will help the federal agency as it strengthens the physical and human infrastructure of Delta communities. He will also help improve local business environments.

Yuyutshu Thapa

Internship at Primerica

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Ralph Scott — Economics and Business

Through his internship at Primerica, Yuyutshu Thapa will learn to apply his business and accounting knowledge to the insurance industry. During this time, he will also prepare for the state exam in order to obtain his license.

Jerry Thomeczek

The Holocaust Remembered: A Comparative Perspective

Category: GA

Sponsor: Dr. Todd Berryman — History

In considering how various countries memorialize the Holocaust, Jerry Thomeczek will travel to Germany, the perpetrator; Israel, the victim, and Poland, which is between the two. He will explore how the events are portrayed in each country’s museums and memorial sites.

Brianna Wagner

Internship with Choices: Memphis Center for Reproductive Health

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Victoria Evans — Kinesiology

This summer, intern Brianna Wagner will help Choices, a non-profit in Memphis, which works for sexual health and reproductive rights and provides reproductive health care. She will also help manage the organization’s social media accounts to inform the community and train as a patient advocate to understand the personal perspective of the individuals utilizing the clinic’s services.

Susan Warren

Exploring a Career in Juvenile Services

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Jennifer Peszka — Psychology

During her internship with juvenile services, Susan Warren will design a gender-specific series of educational courses for young women to help them build life skills and self-confidence. She will also be a Volunteer Probation Officer, serving as a mentor to a probate and assisting her with a community service project.

Olivia Grace Whittington

Internship at Wildland Gardens

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Joyce Hardin — Biology

Wildland Gardens is an ecological farm in Morrilton, Ark. As an intern, Olivia Grace Whittington will experience firsthand the benefits such farms can have on the natural environment and the surrounding community as she implements small-scale farming practices that are based on permaculture principles.