The Odyssey Program

Funding Process and Guidelines

If you will incur expenses for your project, you may wish to apply for Odyssey funding. Under ordinary circumstances the schedule of deadlines for funding applications is the following:

October 1 for spring semester and winter break projects;

February 1 for summer projects (see below for more information on summer proposals);

April 1 for summer, fall semester and winter projects  (see below for more information on summer proposals).

If the funding deadline falls on a weekend, submissions will be due by 5 p.m. on the following Monday. Applicants who must have assurance of funding further in advance than these deadlines allow are encouraged to consult with the Odyssey Office. In cases where there are extenuating circumstances (such as timetables imposed by external constituencies), you may be given permission to apply during an earlier cycle than usual.

Funding proposals for summer experiences can be submitted either in February or April. If your plans are finalized before February 1 (e.g., you have been offered a summer internship placement or undergraduate research opportunity), we suggest you apply for funding during the February round. Please keep in mind that funding decisions on April proposals are not announced until early May.

A summer experience proposal that has been rejected for funding in February can only be resubmitted in April after substantial changes to the plans or quality of the proposal.

To apply for funding, use the on-line Proposal Form, which will ask if you need funding. 


A.  Steps in the Funding Process


1.   You are strongly encouraged to come by the Odyssey Office early in the process for advice and suggestions as you prepare your proposal. Allow plenty of time to make revisions and to consult with your supervisor. It is recommended that you meet with your supervisor at least two weeks before the funding deadline. Note that resubmissions are not permitted if your proposal does not satisfy the requirements for Odyssey credit. The deadline is strict because many offices are involved in the process, and there is a timeline in place for the consideration of proposals by the CEL that cannot be delayed.

2.   The online Odyssey Proposal Form has sections to fill out if you require funding. You will also need to complete a Budget form with worksheet for your experience. All of these forms are available online.

3.   Submit your Proposal Form for funding online and upload your Budget Form. Your supervisor must approve your proposal before it can be processed. Be aware that your project must be approved for credit BEFORE it can be forwarded to the Committee on Engaged Learning (CEL) for funding consideration. Only the proposals that satisfy this first step will be considered. You will receive an e-mail message from the Odyssey Office notifying you whether or not your proposal has been approved for credit.

4.   After the funding deadline, the CEL will consider and evaluate all funding requests forwarded by the Odyssey Office. The committee will determine which requests are to be funded and the dollar amount of each grant. 

5.  The CEL will then submit its recommendations to the Committee on Faculty (CoF) for review. Once the CoF approves the recommendations of the CEL, the Odyssey Office will notify you via campus mail of the outcome. Note that your award may be less than your request. Therefore, it is important to have a back-up plan to cover some of your expenses. 

 6.    If you receive funding, you will be asked to sign an acceptance form by the deadline specified in your letter.  You must then work with Janina Cambiano, Manager of the Odyssey Office, to arrange the disbursal of your funds. If you do not receive funding, you will be given a deadline to alert the Odyssey Office that you still intend to pursue the project so it can be included in your record. Otherwise, you will have to submit a new proposal for credit. 

Please note the following policies:


  • The Odyssey Office will prepay as many items on your budget as possible.
  • For most items that cannot be prepaid you must bring receipts for reimbursement. Mileage is an exception to this policy; no receipts are required. Instead you must submit the total number of miles driven.
  • Cash advances will be issued only for per diems for meals, currently $35 per day for either domestic or international projects. No receipts are required for per diem expenditures.
  • Stipends are paid through the Hendrix College payroll office. The required paperwork must be completed before stipends can be issued. Taxes will be withheld from your paycheck. Because the College begins a new fiscal year on June 1, the earliest stipends can be paid to summer recipients is usually in the third week of that month. Please plan accordingly. Also, be aware that the Business Office ceases operations in the last weeks of May, and no payments will be processed until that office reopens in June.
  • If you are awarded funding for campus housing, those fees will be paid on your behalf to the Business Office. Please note that Odyssey does not pay for associated utilities.

7. All funds must be used and all documentation submitted by May 1 of the fiscal year in which your project takes place. Any unexpended funds from your grant will be retained by the Odyssey Office.


B.  General Funding Policies


The Committee on Engaged Learning has issued some general working guidelines for those interested in obtaining funding for their Odyssey proposals. Each request received by the funding deadline is considered on its own merits in a competitive process. There are no category quotas, and there are currently no limits on the number of times you may submit funding requests.


1.   Odyssey proposals with funding requests must be submitted online.


2.   While excessively lengthy Odyssey proposals are not encouraged or required, successful proposals provide sufficient detail to allow a thorough understanding and review of the proposal, without being so long as to be cumbersome or tedious. The online form is divided into focused sections with word limits.


3.   Budgets that include student or faculty remuneration must also include the Hendrix share of FICA expenses (7.65% of gross salary). The recipient’s FICA expenses will be deducted from the gross salary.


4.   Ordinarily, Odyssey funding will be available only for study abroad experiences that include a specific, well-defined, distinctive, appropriate, and worthwhile Odyssey-worthy project. Simply enrolling in a foreign study program, while eligible for Odyssey credit, will not merit funding.


5.   Shared housing on campus for students engaged in summer research at Hendrix or qualifying with a PL experience in the local area is eligible for funding. For any student who lives off-campus at the time that funding is requested and has a continuing and unbreakable lease already in place, Odyssey will reimburse an amount equivalent to the cost of shared on-campus summer housing. Evidence of the lease must be provided. Students who do not have existing housing commitments will be expected to live in the Hendrix apartments. Please include housing in the budget submitted with your funding request. Attach a copy of your lease if appropriate.


6.   Normally, Odyssey funding will not be awarded for:

•  tuition at other colleges or universities;

•  paid internships or professional field experiences;

•  equipment or hardware;

•  projects by seniors that take place predominantly or exclusively after their graduation;

•  faculty stipends for projects that are carried out during the academic year while classes are in session; or

•  ordinary expenses to travel abroad (items such as passports, visas, immunizations, etc.).


7.   Students who are on disciplinary probation or who are in financial arrears to the College (without a payment plan in place) are ineligible to receive Odyssey funding. At the time of a student’s applying for funding either individually with a group, the Odyssey Office will check on these issues with the Office of Student Affairs and the Business Office.  The Odyssey Office will not forward funding applications to the Committee on Engaged Learning (CEL) unless the situation is remedied by the time the CEL begins consideration of proposals for that funding cycle.

Therefore, all students applying for Odyssey funding will be asked to sign the following statement:

“By signing below, I/we request that the Office of Student Affairs and the Business Office provide to the Odyssey Office access to relevant information in student personal files and student financial accounts (i.e. whether a student is on disciplinary probation or is financially in arrears to the College). This permission is given with the understanding that all such information will not be shared outside the Odyssey Office and will only be used to determine eligibility for funding.”

Additionally, all students who will participate in a funded project are subject to the same review and must be in good standing regarding discipline and financial status to participate in the experience. Please note that this may impact group projects if one or more proposers become ineligible.




C.  Funding for First-Time Travel to Present AC and UR Projects


      Odyssey will fund student travel (transportation costs, lodging expenses, registration costs, and a per diem for food) up to $1,000 per person who has been accepted for individual or small group presentation of undergraduate research or artistic creations at any state, regional, national, or international meeting organized for such presentations. The request must be the first one to come from a student during his or her Hendrix career, and the project must be approved for AC or UR credit by the Odyssey Office. Requests to use this travel money must be submitted online with a First-Time AC/UR Travel Grant Request Form and will be accepted by the Odyssey Office on a rolling basis as long as funds are available in a given fiscal year.


Students may apply for additional funding for:

•     any costs that exceed $1,000 for the first trip;

•     presentations at professional meetings after the first one.


However, these additional requests will not be automatically funded and, instead, will be considered in the pool of funding requests from students and faculty for the appropriate cycle.


A presentation is considered the required CULMINATION of a UR project, and it could be the culmination of an AC project. The project must be completed by May 1 of the fiscal year in which the travel grant is requested. It is therefore in your best interest to postpone applying for the travel grant until you are ready to complete your project.


Travel supported by a First-Time AC/UR Travel Grant should be completed before graduation from Hendrix. However, in rare circumstances, an appropriate professional conference or performance may occur after the student has been graduated. In such cases, travel will be supported if:

•     the above policies are followed;

•     the majority of the research or preparation occurs while the student is still enrolled;

•     the student applies for First-Time AC/UR Travel during her or his senior year (while still enrolled);

•     the student has not presented the research or performed the material before;

•     the conference or presentation occurs within three months of the student’s official graduation date; and

•     the Odyssey supervisor for the AC or UR credit submits a statement of support providing compelling reasons for a post-graduation presentation or performance.


D.  Requirements for Odyssey Grant Recipients


All recipients of Odyssey funding who accept their grants must sign a form agreeing to the following before any funding will be released:


_______By accepting this Odyssey grant, I hereby acknowledge my obligation to complete the project for which this funding is awarded within ONE YEAR of the time of this acceptance or by the time of my GRADUATION from Hendrix College, whichever comes first. If I fail to participate in the project or am unable to complete the project prior to the deadline established in the preceding sentence, I shall refund to Hendrix College the full amount of the grant set forth above.


_______I acknowledge that the project is not considered complete until a “Project Completion Form” is submitted to and approved by the Hendrix College Odyssey Office.


_______If asked by the Hendrix Office of Development, I agree to write a thank you note to the donor who made my Odyssey project possible.


_______I will consult with the Odyssey Office for details about processing this grant funding.


IF THIS AGREEMENT IS NOT MET, A HOLD WILL BE PLACED ON YOUR ACCOUNT IN THE BUSINESS OFFICE UNTIL THE PROJECT IS COMPLETE OR THE MONEY RETURNED TO ODYSSEY. Under extenuating circumstances, you may request an extension of this deadline. Submit your request in writing to the director of the Odyssey Program.


Please note that while the project itself may not be complete, all funds must be expended and accounted for by May 1 of the fiscal year in which the project takes place.