Your Hendrix Odyssey

April 2013 Odyssey Grant Recipients

This summer and fall, Odyssey grants will take Hendrix students and faculty around the globe. The Committee on Engaged Learning (CEL) awarded $69,986.50 in Odyssey grants to 31 projects proposed by faculty and students in the April 2013 cycle. The grand total for funding since the Odyssey Program’s inception in 2005 is $2,417,293.78.

Students will gain experience for their future careers, learn about the latest theories in psychotherapy, network with leaders in technology, and serve children in the United States and abroad.

The grant recipients include:

Jonathan Bauer-Erickson

Reviving Cultural Traditions to Promote Regional Identity of Catalonia
Category: SP
Sponsor: Dr. Rick Murray

Through the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects, Jonathan Bauer-Erickson will travel to a village in the Catalonia region of Spain. Located in the northeastern section of the country, the area is known for both its wine and its distinctive cultural identity. “By working on this project I hope to gain both a better understanding of the process of wine making and of how resurrecting old crafts like dry stone building, olive growing, and viticulture can be used to help reestablish and strengthen the cultural identity of the people of Catalonia,” Bauer-Erickson said.

Cara Brazeal

Breaking Bread
Category: AC
Sponsor: Beth Lambert

Cara Brazeal will use locally acquired organic ingredients to artistically craft three distinct bread recipes. She will use inspiration from history, culture, literature, film, chemistry, and physics in her process. “My Odyssey project transcends baking to incorporate all aspects of current culture while tying in historical documentation of bread and the culinary arts,” Brazeal said.

Julie Britton, Kaleigh Clary, Lacey Laborde and Megan Yociss

Grace Hopper Conference: Reflections on Future Plans and Women's Place in the Burgeoning Field of Technology
Category: SP
Sponsor: Dr. Gabe Ferrer

The Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) of Women in Computing is a conference series focusing on research and career interests of women in computer science. Sessions are directed by leaders in industry, academia and government. Julie Britton, Kaleigh Clary, Lacey Laborde and Megan Yociss will attend the conference and gather insight into the topic. “Given the dual focus on research and academic and career development, GHC brings together the methods, insights, concerns, and subject matters of different disciplines for women within computer science,” they said.

Kati Broberg

Field Experience in Optometry
Category: PL
Sponsor: Danny Powell

Kati Broberg will see the ins and outs of optometry this summer while working with an eye doctor in Conway. She will gain a practical introduction to various aspects of the profession. “These hands-on experiences will include anatomy, diseases and pathology, medication and treatments to some diseases and disorders of the eye,” Broberg said. She also will learn how to use some of the examination instruments.

Chloe Brown

Mental Health for America of the Heartland Internship
Category: PL
Sponsor: Dr. Victoria Evans

Chloe Brown will have a 10-week internship this summer with the CEO of Mental Health for America of the Heartland, a lobbying and advocacy organization. She will attend coalition meetings in both Missouri and Kansas, through these meetings she will be participating in discussions about new and current policies, how they are functioning, budgeting, and plans for future lobbying.

Jana Edwards

Exploring Black-Figure and Red-Figure Pottery through Practice and Interpretation
Category: SP
Sponsor: Dr. Chris Campolo

Jana Edwards will combine historical, artistic, and literary perspectives to her exploration of ancient Greek black-figure and red-figure pottery, culminating with an on-site visit to see the pottery collections in museums in Greece. Along with research, she will learn how to create her own pottery. “The experience of directly working with clay will also provide a different and unique perspective on my subject,” Edwards said.

Mary Julia Emanuel

Summer Full Time Internship with Beardsley Community Farm
Category: PL
Sponsor: Dr. Joyce Hardin

The Beardsley Community Farm is an urban demonstration farm that actively encourages sustainability and food security in downtown Knoxville, Tenn. Mary Julia Emanuel will intern at the farm, sharing her knowledge of the state of the plants in the garden and leading volunteer workers. "Working at Beardsley will give me experience in an possible future career field, and will let me confirm my interests in sustainability, community development, and food security." Emanuel said.

Catherine Gilman

Promoting Health Literacy at the Dallas Public Library
Category: PL
Sponsor: Dr. Victoria Evans

While working at the Dallas Public Library, Catherine Gilman will create an innovative learning program for adults focusing on health literacy. The goal is to empower them to take charge of their health status and confidently interact with doctors, hospitals and clinics. “The program will impart healthcare related vocabulary and language skills as well as training on how to cross the cultural divide that is often a barrier of communication between patients of diverse backgrounds and healthcare providers in the United States,” Gilman said.

Camille Guillot

Summer Internship 2013
Category: PL
Sponsor: Dr. Ty Jaeger

With aspirations of a career as an editor in a publishing house or literary magazine, Camille Guillot will intern at the Oxford American. “Internships are the predominant entry point into publishing,” Guillot notes, comparing it to an apprenticeship that leads to the chosen career path. She will get an insider’s view of the market for writing, the publishing and editing process, and network with professionals in the field.

David Harris

Summer Internship at Rattle's Organic Farm
Category: PL
Sponsor: Dr. Michael Sprunger

Rattle’s Garden is a small organic farm north of Conway. During his summer working at the farm, David Harris will learn organic farming techniques to grow food without the aid of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. “My goal is to come away from the project with a greater appreciation of what goes into growing food, and the knowledge to do it myself and make more educated choices as a consumer,” Harris said.

Jessica Himes

Professional Development Through a Communications Internship
Category: PL
Sponsor: Dr. Lindsay Kennedy

Jessica Himes will be a communications intern for the Clinton Foundation in Little Rock this summer. She will assist with communications, press, and speechwriting activities for the foundation. “I believe that communication rests at the heart of all of the Clinton Foundation’s efforts, because without effective and articulate communication, broad global change cannot occur,” Himes said.

Erika Jasso

Radiology Internship
Category: PL
Sponsor: Dr. Andrew Schurko

As pre-med student volunteering for an internship in the Radiology Department of the Veterans’ Affairs Hospital in San Diego, Erika Jasso will gain professional experience in the career she is pursuing. “I also hope to learn the workings of a hospital and interact with medical staff in a professional environment to learn about what it takes to succeed and thrive in the medical field,” Jasso said.

Elizabeth Kasper

Civil Rights and the Law: A Road Trip
Category: SP
Sponsor: Jim Wiltgen

Elizabeth Kasper and eleven other Hendrix students will participate in an interdisciplinary journey to historic sites from the civil rights movement, such as the Rosa Parks Museum and the Southern Poverty Law Center Civil Rights Memorial. “The trip will have a special focus on the law, the legal system, and their roles in the civil rights movement and civil rights today,” Kasper said.

Sasha Keck

Arkansas Government Legal Internship
Category: PL
Sponsor: Dr. Carmen Hardin

Sasha Keck will use her summer with the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office to gain a better understanding of Arkansas law and governmental processes. The experience will prepare her for law school and a career as an attorney. “As an intern, I would assist the office’s staff in preparing information on current cases and laws,” Keck said.

Gina Kelling

Internship at Rattle's Farm
Category: PL
Sponsor: Dr. Jay McDaniel

Gina Kelling will draw upon her experience as a Religious Studies major and local food activist during her internship at Rattle’s Garden, a small organic farm in Vilonia. “My summer will culminate in a comprehensive reflection paper connecting my personal experiences with the land to those of the various religions and communities I will be studying,” Kelling said.

Elizabeth Lancaster

Student Intern at Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual
Category: PL
Sponsor: Dr. Jane Harris

The Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER) is a non-profit organization run by women, for women. As an intern, Elizabeth Lancaster will learn more about the role of women in religion and culture, throughout history and in the present day. “At WATER, I hope to learn about the various theological perspectives of women globally, and help women find a place of comfort in religious practice if they seek it,” Lancaster said.

Zachary Mainer

Crime and Law Enforcement
Category: PL
Sponsor: Dr. Carmen Hardin

An interest in law enforcement has led Zachary Mainer to a professional field experience with the detective division of the Conway Police Department. He will observe the detectives as they conduct investigations. “I will gain knowledge and experience in the field of law enforcement that will help me in my intended career of becoming a federal law enforcer,” Mainer said.

Mary McNally

Servicing the Domestically Abused: An Internship
Category: PL
Sponsor: Dr. Anne Goldberg

The Women’s Shelter of Central Arkansas provides a safe haven for those who have been domestically abused or feel endangered by their domestic situation. As an intern, Mary McNally will work the agency’s hotline, sit in on group counseling sessions and conduct art-therapy classes for the residents--combining her interests in art and psychology. :I am interested in how the program manages to rehabilitate these women and give them the skills and psychological strength to reshape their lives,” McNally said.

Jill Nguyen

A summer fighting for acceptance, inclusion and equality with the Human Rights Campaign
Category: PL
Sponsor: Dr. Kiril Kolev

Jill Nguyen will spend the summer interning in the Diversity Department of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) in Washington, D.C. Her department is committed to comprehensive immigration reform and issues of inclusion, ranging from ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds to sexual orientation and gender identity. “Working for the Diversity Department at HRC is a great opportunity for me to continue working on issues that I relate to and am passionate about, and to fight for the equal treatment of a group of people who decide to stay true to their gender identities,” Nguyen said.

Colton Primm

Internship: U.S. Commercial Service
Category: PL
Sponsor: Dr. Stephen Kerr

“U.S. Commercial Service trade professionals in over 100 U.S. cities and in more than 75 countries help U.S. companies get started in exporting and increasing sales to new global markets,” said Colton Primm. He will work with the service and see the field of international business from the inside this summer. Among other tasks, Primm will identify market research and review incoming trade leads.

Jonas Reagan

Exploring a Multicultural, Interdisciplinary Approach to Environmental Issues: Stockholm Seminars
Category: SP
Sponsor: Dr. Tom Stanley

Jonas Reagan will attend Stockholm Seminars, an interdisciplinary lecture series in Sweden. The speakers discuss a variety of solutions to environmental issues such as global warming and oil dependence. “My aim in undertaking this independent study is to substantially increase my awareness to international environmental solutions to our current problems,” Reagan said.

Jonas Reagan

Inquiry into the Success of Swedish Self-Sustaining Agrarianism
Category: SW
Sponsor: Dr. James Dow

“My project is a versatile ecological agricultural experience through Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms,” said Jonas Reagan. He will work on a self-sustainable farm in Sweden and learn about small-scale, output intensive agriculture. Sweden is one of the top four most environmentally friendly nations, so he will get a comprehensive understanding of ecological agriculture.

Johann Rupp and Jeremiah Bill

Service and Travel in Peru
Category: SP
Sponsor: Dr. Peg Falls-Corbitt

Johann Rupp and Jeremiah Bill will combine two distinct components into their journey to Peru. They will focus on service to children in an orphanage and an after-school reading program, helping those who have already been through a lot of trauma in their young lives. Afterwards they will visit major historic sites of the Incan empire. “By incorporating both of these elements into the trip, we expect to gain an understanding of the rich culture, history and geography of Peru while also taking the time to meditate and reflect on what we have witnessed,” Rupp and Bill said.

Sam Siegel

Attending the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference: Experiencing Psychology from Philosophical, Scientific and Musical Perspectives
Category: SP
Sponsor: Dr. Tim Maxwell

Sam Siegel will attend the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference in Anaheim, California, this December. Some of the most influential researchers in psychology will speak about psychotherapy and the philosophy behind it. One special speaker has attracted Siegel’s attention: singer Alanis Morissette. “I have a strong personal interest in learning more about psychology and psychotherapy from musical perspective, especially after having taken music classes in my time at Hendrix,” Siegel said.

Sowmya Sivakumar

Interning at Free Will Baptist Family Ministries- Florence Crittenton Home
Category: PL
Sponsor: Dr. Lindsay Kennedy

Sowmya Sivakumar’s career goals include becoming a pediatric oncologist, treating children with cancer. This summer, she will work with children at the Free Will Baptist Family Ministries—Florence Crittenton home, which provides shelter for them until a more permanent residence can be obtained. “By doing a volunteering internship with Family Ministries, I will be increasing my experience working with children who are facing hardships, and I will also be pursuing my passion and changing the lives of children who have been through great ordeals,” Sivakumar said. This project is also supported by Project Pericles.

Kevin Spatz

Interning at the Mote Marine Laboratory
Category: PL
Sponsor: Dr. Jenn Dearolf

Kevin Spatz will develop his research skills during his internship in the Mote Marine Laboratory’s Marine Microbiology Program in Sarasota, Florida, this summer. He will be exploring the effects of climate change on corals and their microbial symbionts. “We will be trying to better understand the role of microbes in coral health and disease, as well as how they affect coral reef resistance and resilience,” Spatz said.

Molly Umble

Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Internship
Category: PL
Sponsor: Dr. Leslie Templeton

Molly Umble will draw upon her fundraising, event planning and professional skills during her internship at the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. “I will gain these skills by working with a section of the foundation called Team Reeve, which organizes events that allow athletes to raise money for The Reeve Foundation,” Umble said. She hopes to have a career in development and event planning at a non-profit.

William VanScoy

Law/Politics Internship
Category: PL
Sponsor: Dr. Jay Barth

William VanScoy intends to pursue a Masters of Public Policy and perhaps have a career in law or politics. He is experiencing both at the local level with an internship at the Faulkner County Courthouse this summer. He is building his research skills and learning about local legal fields firsthand.

Brittany Webb

Interning in D.C. for Senator Mark Pryor
Category: PL
Sponsor: Carmen Hardin

Brittany Webb will work as an intern in Senator Mark Pryor’s Washington, D.C. office, which will give her practical experience in the political realm—her chosen career path. She will interact with his constituents and contribute to the smooth operation of his office. “More legislative duties that I will be asked to do include attending committee hearings, tracking legislation, drafting press releases and attending meetings with constituents and interest groups,” Webb said.

Carrie Yang

Experiencing Clinical and Surgical Healthcare in Chengdu, China
Category: SW
Sponsor: Dr. Stella Capek

Carrie Yang will use her English and Chinese language skills during her volunteer work at the Angel Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Chengdu, China. She will interact with obstetrics and gynecology patients from both the local population and countries around the world. “I hope to gain experience serving culturally diverse patients in order to attain skills needed in my future career as a well-rounded physician, while furthering my passion and dedication to service for those who are suffering,” Yang said.

Prof. Rynnett Clark

Student Teaching Fuel Supplement
Category: PL

Rising fuel costs have placed a burden on student teachers who must commute for their placements. Travel is often required both out of necessity and also in order that our student teachers may experience different communities and school situations. The Odyssey grant will help defray some of their mileage expenses.