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October 2012 Odyssey Grant recipients

Hendrix Odyssey Program

Project Funding

October 2012


The Odyssey Program has provided more than $2 million in competitive grants to faculty and students to support projects around the world.  The Committee on Engaged Learning (CEL) awarded $54,492.32  in Odyssey grants to 19 projects proposed by faculty and students in the October 2012 cycle. The grand total for funding since the Odyssey Program’s inception in 2005 is $2,156,122.83.


The funded projects show the intellectual curiosity of Hendrix students for the world around them as they explore the songs of Appalachia, the ethics of the perfume industry southeastern Europe and modern cinema.


The grant recipients include:


Megan Barker

Teaching High School Students Proper Makeup Techniques

Category: SP

Sponsor: Dr. Constance Campbell


“True theatrical makeup should enhance your features, not hide them,” Megan Barker said. She will return to her alma mater, Little Rock Central High School, to teach students makeup techniques that will give them the necessary skills to pursue careers in the field. Barker will conduct workshops for 15 students to cover basic makeup techniques, aging effects, and bruises. She will also assist the students with makeup when they put on their spring production.


Emily Barrett

Habitat for Humanity- Spring Break Build

Category: SW

Sponsor: Dr. Wayne Oudekerk


During Spring Break, Emily Barrett will lead 25 Hendrix students on a service trip to Slidell, La., to assist the local Habitat for Humanity chapter. They will work with the Epworth Project, which is helping to rebuild areas damaged by recent hurricanes. During their trip, the students will connect with local residents and learn about the unique cultural, historical and political circumstances that have impacted the area. “This cultural exploration with strengthen the students’ connection with the service work and allow them to situate themselves as part of the larger rebuilding and revitalization efforts,” Barrett said.


Anna Broadwell-Gulde

Dynamic Balance: An Acroyoga Workshop

Category: SP

Sponsor: Dr. Kristi McKim


“A dynamic partner yoga practice, AcroYoga blends elements of yoga, Thai massage therapy, and the playfulness of acrobatics,” said Anna Broadwell-Gulde. She will build on her personal interest in the practice and her professional interest in teaching by conducting a two-day AcroYoga workshop at Hendrix. She notes that the practice has gained popularity over the last ten years.  Trust and communication between the partners is essential as they work together to create perfectly balanced poses.


Linh Chuong and Helen Mealy

Public Art for Social Justice

Category: AC

Sponsor: Dr. Anne Goldberg


Linh Chuong and Helen Mealy will create eight pieces of public art that focus on issues of reproductive justice for women in immigrant and minority communities. “The content of our artwork will celebrate women’s rights and choices, and will encourage the continued importance of honest public discourse as well as protective legislation surrounding issues of equality and social justice,” they said. Chuong will work in watercolor while Mealy will paint on canvas as they explore the topic of art activism and increase their skills as artists.


Ben Duvall-Irwin

Ballads, Mountains, and Murders: Songs of Appalachia

Category: SP

Sponsor: Dr. Jose Vilahomat


To understand Appalachian folk music, Ben Duvall-Irwin will visit heritage centers and museums in North Carolina. The music and lyrical themes of the music have been greatly influenced by geography, and many ballads have remained unchanged since they were brought over by settlers from the British Isles. “I wish to gain a more complete understanding of the genre through artistic, historical, and cultural lenses by comparing any patterns within the music to any historical or cultural patterns that I can find,” Duvall-Irwin said.


Vincent Gammill

New Critics/New Directors/New Films

Category: SP

Sponsor: Dr. Kristi McKim


Vincent Gammill, Catelyn Gibbs, Rane Peerson, William Repass, Adelia Shiffraw, Emily Smith, and Lance St. Laurent will join Dr. Kristi McKim for a film festival in New York. Now in its 40th year, the New Directors/New Films festival is co-presented by the Museum of Modern Art and the Film Society of the Lincoln Center. After screening films, the students will produce articles of film criticism in conjunction with the undergraduate film magazine Film Matters. “The immediacy of this critical approach represents a way of viewing and responding to film unavailable in the classroom, a new mode of spectatorship and criticism,” they said.


Tresor Mukiza

Micrurus Phylogenetics

Category: UR

Sponsor: Dr. George Harper


Tresor Mukiza will explore the genetics of the Eastern Coral Snake and the Texas Coral Snake. They have been considered subspecies of one species, but there are differences between them. “We seek to determine whether the DNA of these organisms supports or refutes the conclusion that they are two distinct species.” Mukiza said. For the project, Mukiza is conducting genetic analysis using shed skins of coral snakes obtained from zoos and serpentaria in Louisiana and Tennessee.


Safia Nawaz

Something Smells Wrong

Category: UR

Sponsor: Dr. Mark Sutherland


Safia Nawaz will gain an understanding of the interplay between business, science, and ethics during her study of perfumes. She will compare a range of fragrances ranging from designer to celebrity to low-end to determine the basic consumer value of each one. “ I will determine whether the quality justifies the cost of each fragrance by chemically analyzing the number of different scents in each one, the composition of the fragrance in terms of ethanol percentage versus actual scents, and more qualitatively, the lasting power on skin,” Nawaz said.


Brittany Ross

Internship at NIH

Category: PL

Sponsor: Dr. Leslie Templeton


After hearing neuroscientist Dr. Douglas Fields give a lecture at Hendrix, Brittany Ross contacted him about being an intern at his lab at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD. She will work with him for four months in the Laboratory of Developmental Neurobiology. “In Dr. Fields’ lab, I will be examining the molecular mechanism of impulse activity in the nervous system during development in relation to learning and memory, focusing on the interactions between neurons and glia which are the two major types of nervous system cells,” Ross said.


Dr. Jay Barth

Travel for POLI 306 (Ark. Pol. & Govt: Practicum)

Category: PL


Students in POLI 306, Arkansas Politics: Practicum work with entities engage in the biennial session of the Arkansas General Assembly, which requires travel to Little Rock several times a week. This Odyssey grant helps defray transportation expenses for the students.


Dr. Constance Campbell

Student Attendance and Participation at the USITT (United States Institute for Theatre Technology) Conference and Stage Expo

Category: SP


Dr. Constance Campbell will take a group of students interested in theatre design and technology to the annual Conference and Stage Expo of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology in Milwaukee. At seminars and presentations, the students will learn the latest developments in technical material and techniques. They will also exhibit their own design and technical work at the conference.


Prof. Rynnett Clark

Student Teaching

Category: PL


Rising fuel costs have placed a burden on student teachers who must commute beyond the Conway area for their placements.  The three colleges in our community all seek placements for student teachers, and it’s not always possible for our local school systems to accommodate all candidates.  Thus, travel is often required both out of necessity and also in order that our student teachers may experience different communities and school situations.  The Odyssey grant will help defray some of their travel expenses.


Dr. Karen Fannin

Festival of Winds Honor Band

Category: SP


Hendrix will host the fourth Festival of Winds Honor Band, a select group for high school students. The band members will work with a guest conductor and then present a concert. Two Hendrix students will serve as co-chairs for the festival, planning and organizing the event, preparing music, and helping with publicity.


Dr. David Hales

Student Travel to American Chemical Society National Meeting

Category: UR


A member of the chemistry department will accompany Brandi Gist, Cheryl Mathis, Rob Weingold and Qin Yin as they present their most recent research at the spring national meeting of the American Chemical Society in Anaheim, Calif., this spring. They will also attend technical sessions and society functions to learn more about chemistry and to make personal and professional contacts.


Dr. Kiril Kolev

Contemporary South-Eastern Europe

Category: UR/GA


Dr. Kiril Kolev will take five students for a two week exploration of Bulgaria, the former Yugoslavia and Greece. They will learn about successful democratization, ethnic and religious conflict, civil war, economic crisis and the future of the European Union.


Prof. Matthew Lopas

Promoting and Installing Lopas One Person Show in New York

Category: PL


Prof. Matthew Lopas has a one-person show from May 6 to June  20, 2013 in New York City at the Narthex Gallery. The Narthex is a not for profit gallery in Saint Peter's Church at 619 Lexington Avenue at 54th Street. His student assistant will learn how to produce, promote, and organize a fine art gallery show, from designing the promotional materials to installing the art.


Dr. Jennifer Peszka

Psychology Research: The Relationship between Technology Use and Sleep Quality and Quantity in College Students

Category: UR


Dr. Jennifer Peszka and her research assistants will examine the relationship between technology use in the few hours before bed and sleep quality, sleep quantity and next day sleepiness. The students will learn to use objective measures of sleep quality and sleep quantity called cardiopulmonary coupling and other data collection.


Prof. Brigitte Rogers

American College Dance Festival Association: "Southern Premiere"

Category: SP


The Odyssey Program and the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance will team up to send members of the Hendrix Dance Ensemble to this year’s American College Dance Festival. Held at Belhaven University in Jackson, Miss., the festival emphasizes the importance of dance in higher education and provides a wide assortment of classes, lectures and performances by leading experts. The festival offers an intensive study of dance movement and theory, along with class instruction and performance feedback from renowned dance professionals. The 15 student participants will work in leadership positions as choreographers, as well as in artistic positions as performers for two dance pieces that will be adjudicated at the festival.


Dr. Damon Spayde

Travel to 2013 April Meeting of the American Physical Society

Category: UR


Dr. Damon Spayde will be the faculty mentor to a group of seven students presenting research at the national meeting of the American Physical Society in Denver, Colo., in April. He will organize practice sessions for the students, make travel arrangements for the group, and give them guidance at the conference.