The Odyssey Program

The Backstory of The Odyssey Program


What is an Odyssey?

Main Entry: od·ys·sey
Pronunciation: 'ä-d&-sE
Function: noun
Etymology: the Odyssey, epic poem attributed to Homer recounting the long wanderings of Odysseus
1 : a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune
2 : an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest

After meetings with faculty, staff, students, focus groups and consultants, Hendrix chose a name for its new curricular component — The Odyssey Program.

The word "Odyssey" comes from Homer's epic poem about the 20-year journey Odysseus undertakes. He is changed by his many adventures; he learns and grows as a person; and he takes an active role as a leader.

Hendrix hopes that The Odyssey Program inspires similar life-changing experiences for students. Besides the active portion of participating in the Odyssey categories, many require a reflection component that prompts each student to assess the experience. "Doing" is only part of the story--thinking, growing and sharing are equally important.

The six Odyssey Program categories were specifically selected to encourage a wide range of activities, based upon areas in which Hendrix students and faculty have excelled for years. This new curricular component gives a structure to the experiential learning opportunities, and it offers official transcript recognition for their successful completion.

Students can choose three ways to complete the Odyssey requirements: by taking specialized courses, participating in pre-approved activities, or proposing their own projects.

The Odyssey Program is unique in the nation. It's a customized learning adventure that can be mental, physical and spiritual--and you determine where it will take you!