The Odyssey Program

Global Awareness

The aim of the Global Awareness (GA) component of the Odyssey experience is to help students understand and appreciate cultures or environments other than their own. Toward that end, students are encouraged to engage in learning outside the classroom that broadens their intellectual horizons and deepens their understanding of the political, social, cultural, environmental, spiritual and economic issues affecting the world today. Global Awareness opportunities are also designed to promote personal growth and self-reliance as well as to provide new perspectives about the student’s own culture or environment.

 Any Global Awareness activity for which Odyssey credit is awarded must contain both an immersion component and a reflection component. Exposure to the target culture or environment shall be direct and substantial: one to two weeks of continuous immersion should be viewed as a minimum. The reflection component may include such things as guided small- and large-group discussions, papers, journals, and oral presentations. The Director of International Programs can assist in developing appropriate reflection activities.

 Examples of experiential learning activities that might fulfill this category:

 INDIVIDUALIZED ACADEMIC EXPERIENCES. This category includes study abroad experiences as well as internships that are completed in a foreign country. Foreign students enrolled at Hendrix as well as American students studying abroad may apply for Odyssey credit under this rubric.

 CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES. This category includes projects completed outside the context of any academic course. Examples include participation in service-learning trips to other cultures, projects that involve extensive student research on-site in a foreign environment, and individual or group study trips to another culture or environment.

 COURSES. Any course that incorporates substantial travel to other cultures or environments as well as an appropriate reflection component could be a candidate for GA coding.


Supervisors for the GA category may be members of the Hendrix faculty or administrative staff.

A GA experience need not involve travel to a foreign country. An unfamiliar culture or environment in the United States can qualify. In your proposal explain carefully how such an experience meets the GA criteria.

Foreign students at Hendrix may apply for GA credit for their experiences in the United States.

All GA experiences require a reflection activity.