Your Hendrix Odyssey

Odyssey Funding Request Guidelines

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

As we quickly approach the April 15 deadline for Odyssey proposals for Fall Semester projects, I want to update you on some working guidelines that have emerged over the year of deliberations by the Committee on Experiential Learning (CEL). The first two below were first sent to you on February 15, 2006. The others are new. Please let us know ( if you have comments or questions. We are all still in a learning mode as we establish guidelines and precedents for the Odyssey program.


Tom Goodwin

Chair, CEL

Here are some CEL working guidelines for Odyssey funding requests.

1. Ordinarily, Odyssey FUNDING will NOT be forthcoming for Study Abroad ventures for which a specific, well-defined, distinctive, appropriate, and worthwhile Odyssey-worthy project is not presented (of course Odyssey CREDIT can still be awarded with or without funding, as described in the Odyssey Guide).

2. Ordinarily, Odyssey FUNDING will NOT be forthcoming for projects by Seniors which take place predominantly or exclusively after their graduation.

3. Under normal circumstances, faculty stipends are not funded for projects carried out during the academic year while classes are in session.

4. Odyssey proposals are expected to be neatly typed (³word processed²).

5. While excessively lengthy Odyssey proposals are not encouraged or required, most successful proposals should provide more details than can be fitted into the small space allotted on the Odyssey proposal form, and should be continued on an extra sheet of paper or two. The key point is to provide sufficient detail to allow a thorough understanding and review of the proposal, without being so long as to be cumbersome or tedious. In most cases, one to two pages would be more appropriate than one to two sentences.

6. Ordinarily, tuition at other colleges or universities will not be funded in an Odyssey grant.

7. Odyssey funding for paid internships will not ordinarily be forthcoming.

8. Normally, Odyssey grants do not pay for equipment or hardware.

9. Budgets that include student or faculty remuneration should include FICA expenses (7.65% of gross salary).