Your Hendrix Odyssey

Research Travel Policy Offers $1,000 per student

Beginning in the 2009-2010 academic year, in each of the three funding cycles, the CEL will fund student travel (transportation costs, lodging expenses, registration costs, and a per diem for food) up to $1000 for presentation of undergraduate research at any state, regional, or national meeting that has been deemed worthy by the student’s faculty sponsor, as long as the request is the first such request to come from that student during his or her Hendrix career, and the project has been approved for UR credit by the Odyssey Office. Requests to use this travel money must be submitted on a Funding Request form by the deadline for the appropriate cycle.

Students may apply for additional funding for:

  • any costs that exceed $1,000 for the first trip;
  • presentations at professional meetings after the first one;
  • travel to international meetings.

However, these additional requests (including proposals to attend NCUR) will not be automatically funded and, instead, will be considered in the pool of funding requests from students and faculty for that cycle. If these travel requests are not granted, students may attend the meetings at their own expense. Please note that presentations on campus also satisfy the Undergraduate Research requirements for Odyssey credit.

Special note for students who will be sophomores, juniors, or seniors in 2009-2010: Everyone will start with a clean slate at this point. Therefore, any previous Odyssey funding to support travel to present research will not count. You still have guaranteed funding for one trip available to you beginning in 2009-2010.