Your Hendrix Odyssey

CEL information for Feb. 15, 2005

This is a reminder from the Committee on Experiential Learning (CEL; that Odyssey proposals for summer projects are due in to the Odyssey Office (in Buhler; phone 505-2950) no later than 5 pm, Wednesday, February 15. You are encouraged to get your proposals in early so that there will be time to make corrections or to rectify omissions if discovered by the Odyssey staff. Drs. Mark Schantz and Nancy Fleming of the Odyssey Office will be glad to answer questions or peruse proposals before the deadline. In addition, here are two general guidelines from the CEL.

Ordinarily, Odyssey FUNDING will NOT be forthcoming for the following:

1. Study Abroad ventures for which a specific, well-defined, distinctive, appropriate, and worthwhile Odyssey-worthy project is not presented (of course Odyssey CREDIT can still be awarded with or without funding, as described in the Odyssey Guide);

2. Projects by Seniors which take place predominantly or exclusively after their graduation.