Your Hendrix Odyssey

An Odyssey Adventure for Faculty

Southwest Traveling Workshop

In June, nine Hendrix professors will participate in a two-week Southwest Traveling Workshop, sponsored by the Odyssey Office. Their mission is to explore the Four-Corners region as the college investigates establishing a field station to provide Odyssey experiences. Each professor brings a unique educational perspective to the trip, ranging from an interest in Monument Valley as the setting for western films to a desire to find out how desert animals steal food from each other. The itinerary includes a trip to Fort Collins College, visits to pueblos and national parks, and stops at the several of the region’s cultural sites.

The participants are:

  • Dr. Matt Moran, associate professor of biology (Trip Coordinator)
  • Dr. Eric Binnie, professor of theatre arts
  • Dr. Stella Capek, professor of sociology
  • Dr. Linda Gatti Clark, visiting assistant professor of biology
  • Dr. Anne Goldberg, assistant professor of anthropology
  • Prof. Danny Grace, professor of theatre arts
  • Dr. Joe Lombardi, professor of biology
  • Dr. Jennifer Penner, assistant professor of psychology
  • Dr. Carol West, professor of English