Multicultural Student Services

New International and Exchange Students

Information for New International and Exchange Students

Welcome to Hendrix!!!
We hope you are excited about the incredible journey you are about to begin.  We are anxiously awaiting your arrival in August.
In order to assist you in planning for your trip to Hendrix we have provided some basic information for you below.

When should I plan to arrive at Hendrix?You should plan to arrive on Thursday, August 15, 2013.  This is a few days before other new students arrive.  You will participate in International Student Orientation from Friday, August 16 until Tuesday, August 20.  You will participate in new student orientation with all other freshmen beginning August 20.  Please do not plan to arrive before August 15.

How will I get from the airport to Hendrix?
You should fly into the Little Rock (LIT) airport.  This airport is located 30 minutes from Hendrix College.  We will provide transportation from the airport to Hendrix.  You will need to forward a copy of your travel plans to as soon as you receive them. 

When should I plan to depart from Hendrix?
Final exams for the Fall semester will end December 18, so you should schedule your return flight for December 19 if you are returning home in December. Final exams for the Spring semester end May 14, so your return flight should be after this date, but no later than May 17. If you have questions about scheduling your return flight, please email for more information.

Will I need to bring pillows and other bedding items?
We will provide a new pillow, set of sheets, and a blanket for your bed.  We will also provide a large and small towel and soap for bathing. We will provide transportation to a store to purchase other necessary items on August 16. 

Should I bring any special items with me?
We strongly encourage you to bring clothing and other items that represent your home culture or traditions.  There will be opportunities for you to share your cultural tradtions with others at Hendrix and in the community.  Examples of popular cultural items include food recipes, crafts, jewelry, clothing, and decorations. 

Will I be able to open a bank account?You will be able to open a bank account within the first week of arriving to Hendrix.  Most of our international students open a bank account with Bank of America.  However, you can choose any bank you would like.

Will it be difficult to meet other international students?
During your first week at Hendrix you will participate in Hendrix new student orientation and International Student Orientation.  During International Student Orientation you will have the opportunity to meet all of the other new international students at Hendrix.  You will also meet some of the returning international students. 

Will it be difficult to meet students from the United States?
During Hendrix new student orientation you will have the opportunity to interact with many students from the United States.  You will also receive an International Ambassador. The International Ambassador is a returning Hendrix student who will be available to answer your questions about life at Hendrix.

What other countries are represented by Hendrix international and exchange students? There will be approximately 35 new international and exchange students arriving in August.  They will come from China, France, Ghana, Guatemala, Korea, Uraguay, Finland, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Germany, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and Rwanda.  There are returning Hendrix international students from many of those countries, in addition to Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

What is the weather like in Conway?Arkansas has four seasons.  When you arrive in August it will be very hot.  Summer temperatures can arise to 100 degrees F (38 C).  The air is also humid.  During most of the winter, temperatures are above 32 degrees F (0 C).  So,  you will need short-sleeved shirts and shorts, in addition to a coat and jacket.  However, you will not need a very large coat for extremely cold weather.  You can purchase coats at a reasonable price here if you do not want to bring one with you on the plane.

Who should I contact with other questions about my arrival to Hendrix?
Feel free to contact the Office of Multicultural and International Student Services at or 501-450-1222.