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  • Amara Kearney

    Amara KearneyHendrix Class of 2013

    "If it weren't for your financial support of Hendrix, many of us would not have been introduced to the people, experiences, and opportunities, both in the classroom and beyond, that have made our time here so worthwhile — and that have made Hendrix an outstanding place to grow and learn. Thank you for what you do for Hendrix — and for its students."

    Peg Falls-Corbitt, Ph.D.

    Peg Falls-CorbittPhilosophy Department, Odyssey Program, Miller Center

    "Working closely with students through the Miller Center and Odyssey allows me to see all the more clearly how Hendrix, with our notion of the engaged liberal arts, educates students for life, not just an academic expertise. With these programs, I often get to be there when a student tackles a project out in the world and returns to the academy with theories re-thought and life re-directed. If donors could be there with me in these moments, that, I think, would be their biggest thank you."

    Andrea Duina, Ph.D.

    Andrea DuinaBiology Department

    "As faculty, we appreciate the vibrant intellectual atmosphere that makes Hendrix such a special place. We encounter it in the classroom, in the laboratory and beyond, leading to extraordinary experiences, both for our students and for us. We are grateful for the opportunities that your gifts to Hendrix provide."

    Hendrix Annual Fund Committee

    Cliff Barnes '78 (Memphis)
    Martha Christie '77 (Little Rock)
    Robert Edwards '91 (Little Rock)
    Matt Fulmer '02 (Conway)
    Emily Hester '06 (Little Rock)
    Sarah Kellar '93 (Fayetteville)
    Pat Lile '60 (Little Rock)
    Tami Clinkingbeard Marks '02 (Fayetteville)
    Cecilia Patterson '67 (Conway)
    Paul Tuberville '76 (Memphis)
    Margaret Wendell '00 (Dallas)