Film and Media Studies Program

Student Groups, Activities, and Accomplishments

Hendrix Film Society

A student-led group of cinephiles who program film-related events campus-wide, Hendrix Film Society screens films on campus to expand access and provide students with group cinematic viewing experiences. Screenings usually feature student or faculty introductions and are followed by casual post-screening discussions (and snacks!) that encourage students to think analytically about films as well as to share impressions and insights. Screenings have included Wild Strawberries, Meek's Cutoff, Blow-Up, Pretty in Pink, The Orphanage, Closely Watched Trains, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, In Bruge, Mean Streets, Pierrot le Fou, Harold and Maude, Brazil, Afterlife, Ace in the Hole, and many more. 

Hendrix Filmmakers

Though Hendrix doesn't offer credit-bearing classes in film production, students can supplement their coursework in film studies by learning with and from each other, as well as from special guests and group advisor Travis Peeples (Multimedia Technical Director). Using college- and club-owned equipment, students can write, produce, direct, and edit their own films. This spirited group serves as a production team for both an educational hands-on experience and a launching pad for Hendrix students interested in the film industry. 

Red Brick Film Festival  

Each spring since 2010, Hendrix hosts the  Red Brick Film Festival, which features award-winning short student-created films (click the link for a history of awards and films). Students can win thousands of dollars in prizes as well as the respect and esteem of the Hendrix community (and beyond!), as a jury selects winners in the following categories: Best in Show, Hendrix Senate Student Spirit, Stylistic Brilliance, Most Affective, Best Documentary, Best Writing, Best Acting, Best Original Score.  Audience members vote during the festival for the Audience Choice.

Students have secured film-related internships with the following organizations: 

  • Austin Film Festival
  • Museum of the Moving Image
  • Little Rock Film Festival
  • Cinema 41
  • Splice Microcinema
  • Denver Open Media Foundation
  • LeGrand Advertising
  • Dallas Museum of Art
  • Nashville Mayor's Office

Students have earned Odyssey credit for the following film projects: 

  • “Filmmakers at Home and Abroad: Visit to The Jonas Mekas Center of Visual Arts in Vilnius, Lithuania” (Fall 2014)
  • “The  New York Film Festival: An Inside Look” ( Fall 2014)
  • Rhodes-Hendrix Film Studies Research Symposium ( April 2014
  • Hendrix-Rhodes Film Studies Research Symposium ( April 2013)
  • "New Critics/New Directors/New Films" ( Spring 2013)
  • Production assistant for Jeff Nichols' Mud (2012 feature film production, starring Matthew McConaughey, in Arkansas)
  • "A New Lens for Women: Studying Gender and Film at Female Eye Film Festival" (Spring 2012)
  • “Filming an Interdisciplinary Capstone”  (Summer 2011)
  • “Preparing for Publication: Editorial Assistant for an Academic Book” (Spring 2011) 
  • "Memory and Architecture: Gaudi in Film and Photography" (Summer 2010)

Graduate Studies in Film and Media 

Hendrix students who have earned the B.A. in English-Film Studies have been accepted at the following graduate programs:

  • Harvard University (Ph.D.)
  • University of Chicago (Ph.D.)
  • University of Southern California (M.A.)
  • Emory University (M.A.)
  • Columbia University (M.A.)
  • University of California at Los Angeles School of Theater, Film, and Television (M.F.A)

New Directors/New Films Festival

rescaled subway

In March 2010, five students and Kristi McKim, program chair, had the opportunity (thanks to a generous grant from the Hendrix-Murphy Foundation) to attend the New Directors/New Films Festival in New York City (sponsored by the Film Society of Lincoln Center and the Museum of Modern Art); the intensive filmgoing experience consisted of nine feature film screenings, five short film screenings, a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and innumerable hours of impassioned film discussion over meals, subway rides, and city walks.    


Jon Crawford


Jon Crawford's student film Pink Houses won the prize for best biography at the 2005 New York Independent Film and Video Festival.  In the Fall of 2005, he also won the award for best non-fiction film from The Stone Wall Society.  Jon made the film in 2004 as an independent study project with Kevin Asman, former chair of the program.  Having studied film at the San Francisco Art Institute, Jon has earned his MFA from UCLA; visit his website at

On Studying Film

 In what ways do photographs and films call us to a qualitative self-examination?  How and why do they spark ontological questions by raising for us conundrums of being, of our placement with respect to ourselves and the world?  In this manner, revisiting classical film theory today is also a way of revivifying a kind of questioning that explores our sensuous contact with images and recharacterizes their (visible and outward) perceptual density in a way that also leads us inward—a self-examination of our relation to time, memory, and history. (D.N. Rodowick, The Virtual Life of Film, 75)  

Hendrix Film Events

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