Construction at Hendrix

Under Construction

Hendrix is currently developing several of the projects outlined in the master plan developed by DPZ in the spring of 2005.

Under Construction:

Student Life & Technology Center

The first step toward constructing the new Student Life & Technology Center was taken earlier this week when a construction fence was put up around Grove Gymnasium, which will be removed to make space for the new student center. Beginning Monday, a number of trees will be removed on the construction site because the shape of the new student center differs slightly from the shape of Grove. The contractors and the Senior Staff have worked to locate the building so the smallest possible number of hardwoods will be removed – fortunately, most of the trees marked for removal are pines. Demolition work on Grove is expected to start in late August, around the first day of classes.

Reconstruction of Harkrider Street

Harkrider Street, which is a state highway, is slated for reconstruction in spring 2008. The new design for the street includes two roundabouts, a median in the center and an underpass to connect the main campus with the athletics complex. These traffic calming devices should make it easier and safer for Hendrix to make use of the new facilities under construction.

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The Hendrix Corner

The College has constructed a 72-bed townhouse complex at the corner of Front and Mill streets to provide additional student housing.  

Wellness & Athletics Center

The  Wellness and Athletics Center located on the corner of Harkrider and Siebenmorgen is a 100,000-square-foot facility that includes basketball courts, a fitness center, an aquatics center, kinesiology lab space, classrooms and offices for faculty and coaches.

The building, which anchors the College's presence on the east side of Harkrider, is surrounded by playing fields. A new track, with an artificial-turf playing field at its center, and a new soccer field opened in fall 2006. New baseball and softball fields just reached completion.

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Parking Lot

The new parking lot at the corner of Markham and Harkrider is now open. The lot provides 147 spaces, which replaces spaces lost to construction elsewhere, and provides parking convenient to the new Wellness and Athletic Center, the planned Student Life & Technology Center, and the residence houses. The Arkansas Highway Department’s plans to renovate Harkrider include installing an underpass that will connect the WAC to the campus on the west side of the street. Entrance to the underpass will be just north of the crosswalk that crosses Markham from the new parking lot.

WAC Fence

The College constructed a wrought iron fence around the Wellness and Athletics Center complex. The fence restricts access from the street side of the WAC, requiring those who use the track and other facilities to enter through the WAC. Controlling access to the WAC complex helps make the area a more secure environment for Hendrix students, faculty, staff, guests and WAC members.