Construction at Hendrix

Harkrider Street work

Walkway and Parking Lot Closure

Safe routes to the WAC

As the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department begins its work to widen and renovate Harkrider (U.S. 64-65B), please keep safety in mind as you cross the street to the Wellness and Athletics Center and other College facilities east of Harkrider.

The safest route to the WAC continues to be the pedestrian bridge at the north end of campus. Please use the bridge whenever possible.

Those crossing at the corner of Harkrider and Siebenmorgen should follow a temporary walkway built to skirt the construction activity that is beginning near this intersection.

Widening the highway will require closing the south entrance and the southern portion of the WAC/Mabee parking lot. The north entrance and the north half of the lot will remain open, as will the temporary gravel parking lot north of the WAC.

Please exercise caution as you enter and cross this area as construction vehicles and equipment will be operating there.

Construction Rendering

Below is an approximation of what the finished modification of Harkrider Street and the Wellness and Athletics Center parking lots will look like.

Harkrider Construction - Rendering