Higher Learning Commission

Hendrix College Self-Study and Accreditation Timeline

Fall 2006 

  • The Committee on Faculty appointed Self-Study Co-Chairs.
  • Departmental assessment updates continued.
  • Co-Chairs nominated the Hendrix Self Study Committee membership.
  • Budget prepared.

Spring 2007 

  • J. Timothy Cloyd, PhD President of the College presented the Self-Study charge and appointed the Hendrix Self Study Committee:
    • Alice Hines, Professor of English, co-chair
    • Stephen Kerr, Professor of Economics and Business, co-chair
    • Robert Entzminger, Provost and Dean of the College and Professor of English
    • Karen Foust, Vice-President for Enrollment and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
    • Robert Young, Vice-President for Business and Finance
    • David Sutherland, Associate Provost and Professor of Mathematics
    • Margaret Falls-Corbitt, Professor of Philosophy
    • Keith Berry, Professor of Economics and Business
    • Dwayne Collins, Professor of Mathematics
    • Cassandra Bailey, Dean of Students
    • Helen Plotkin, Associate Vice President for Communications & Marketing
    • Will Green, student
    • Alana Buie, student
  • The Director of Information and Technology and The Director of
    Bailey Library, provided resource room planning consultation.
  • HLC Team visit confirmed as March 30 to April 1, 2009.
  • Department Chairs meeting assessment updates continued.
  • Three Committee members attended the HLC annual meeting in Chicago.
  • The Committee reviewed the President’s charge and the Criteria for Accreditation.
  • Criterion sub-committees were formed.
  • Data and information collection.

Summer 2007 

  • Data collection and Criterion analysis continued.

Fall 2007 

  • Data and documents were scanned into the Hendrix HLC Online Repository to assist with the self-study process. 
  • The Criterion subcommittees, along with the Co-Chairs, met to analyze the Criterion and to brainstorm questions and evidence.
  • Two Committee members attended the Assessment Institute’s Annual Meeting.
  • An Assessment update was presented at the November Faculty meeting.
  • The Committee affirmed the progress made to the Challenges and Advice expressed in the 1999 Visiting Team Report.

Winter Break

  • Criterion subcommittee meetings continued.

Spring 2008 

  • Hendrix HLC Online Repository data and document collection continued.
  • Self-Study discussions and updates with Senior Staff.
  • Self-study discussion forums, events, and announcements directed at all College constituencies continue.
  • Notify commission of the competencies that the College would like to see represented in the members of the evaluation team.
  • Prepare budget for 2009 NCA Team visit.
  • Criterion subcommittees continue data gathering and begin drafts of Criterion Chapters.
  • Participate in Workshop on Self-Study and other Annual Meeting programs.
  • Departmental assessment workshops occur.
  • Criterion Chapters due.
  • Prepare federal compliance report.
  • Prepare 2006 and 2007 Fall Semester comparison institutional snapshot.  A three year comparison institutional snapshot including the 2008 Fall Semester will be prepared in Spring 2008.
  • Identify external self study consultant.
  • The Commission sends a list of proposed team members and an Evaluation Visit Summary sheet to Hendrix College.
  • The College sends comments on proposed team members to the Commission in regards to conflict of interest issues.
  • Commission formally invites team members to participate.

Summer 2008

  • Criterion Chapters reviewed by Committee
  • Self-study editor drafts report.
  • Self-study committee reviews, edits and recommends changes to self-study draft.

Fall 2008

  • Community-wide communications continue.
  • Submit Self Study report to external consultant.
  • Invite Third Party Comment.
  • Identify and meet HLC space and equipment needs.
  • Prepare executive summary.
  • Prepare federal compliance report.
  • Host subcommittee formed to plan for HLC team.
  • Prepare final self-study report.

Spring 2009 

  • Community-wide communications continue.
  • Prepare HLC team resource and meeting room.
  • Prepare Fall 2006, 2007 and 2008 comparative, Institutional Snapshot.
  • Share self-study report with institutional constituencies.
  • Send one complete self-study to each team member and campus liaison.
  • Encourage Hendrix Community to attend HLC Team Open Sessions.
  • HLC team visit.
  • The College receives the HLC team report and responds as necessary.  The self-study report and HLC team report will be available in the Hendrix College Bailey Library and on the Hendrix College Website.
  • Develop an action plan to address any concerns raised by the HLC team visit.
  • The College develops college-wide mechanism to annually monitor and share action plan progress to institutional constituencies.