Student Outreach Services

For Parents


Whether your student is a first-year freshman or a senior about to graduate, SOS is here to assist him or her through the college journey. Issues, problems, and concerns happen throughout life. Quick, easy resolution is not always available to them without knowledge or experience.

Sometimes, it is just a question that has arisen in which there is no obvious answer. Other times, it might be a special need or a fear to disclose something personal, such as a disability. And then there are those who need to talk things through with a neutral party to resolve an issue. SOS listens and makes sure that the student connects with the appropriate people, resources, and services for resolution. SOS was created to help students clarify issues and gain the skills to take self-responsibility; in other words, SOS is here to help those who want, or need, to overcome obstacles.

SOS uses a universal, campus-wide collaborative process, which can - and does — extend beyond its physical boundaries. In fact, we appreciate and welcome parent communication and collaboration since parents are an integral part of their students'college experience.

As with everything else regarding our student population, Hendrix College strives to address "unto the whole person." SOS is just one supportive department serving your student.