Student Outreach Services

The Staff

Coker, Christy

Christy C. Coker, Student Advocate & Director

As Student Advocate and Director of Student Outreach Services (SOS), Ms. Coker serves as liaison for students as a resource to help make important connections between students and campus entities as well as organizations beyond Hendrix. She believes self-exploration at many levels is necessary in order to reach the level of "being all that one can be" — a concept beyond just obtaining a degree and accepting a job.

Prior to taking the position with SOS, Ms. Coker served as Director of Hendrix College, Career Services for seven years. She has a MA in Communication, with an emphasis in nonverbal and interpersonal; and a BSE in Communication Education (speech and drama). Ms. Coker has taught undergraduate courses in small group communication, communication anxiety, communication contexts, business and professional communication, advanced public speaking, public speaking, interpersonal communication, problem-solving and has overseen an internship placement program for both graduates and undergraduates. She has been a faculty member with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, the University of Arkansas, Petit Jean Technical College, and Arkansas Tech University. Prior to that, she worked for Arkansas Government promoting welfare reformation that focused on job development and placement.

She was a state delegate for the President's Summit for America's Future and America's Promise headed by General Colin Powell. As a former Chief Professional Officer (CPO) for a multi-county nonprofit, she serves as a consultant and advisor for nonprofit organizations and grass roots political campaigns, is a special event planner, and is a member of various local organizations. Ms. Coker is a graduate of the 2006 Faulkner County Leadership Institute.


  Addison "Addy" Horn, Office Assistant & Operation Reach Out Manager

  As the assistant to the Director, Addy works with Operation Reach Out (ORO) and assists Ms. Coker in her day-to-day tasks. She is    
  majoring in Philosophy with a minor in Classics and plans to teach in the future.  Addy enjoys cosplay, drawing, video games, listening
  to music, and reading. She is a mentor and team member with Student Outreach Alternative Resources (SOAR) and likes being 
  involved in the alternative campus events.  In addition, she is originally from Camden, Arkansas, and is an only child. Addy likes
  having the opportunity to help others while a student at Hendrix.


Miles Thompson, Office Assistant 

As the assistant to the Miles works with data and statistics and data entry as well as assists Ms. Coker in her day-to-day tasks.  He is majoring in biology with a pre-dental emphasis with a minor in business. Miles is also the starting quarterback, #1, for the 2017 Hendrix Warriors.