Student Outreach Services



Student Outreach Services, or SOS, is a unique and progressive program designed to support students as they transition from high school and home life to college and future life through a structured, collaborative, and confidential process. This is done via a holistic and total wellness conversation between the SOS representative and a student prior to the student being connected with needed programs, services, and individuals. 

Personal, Social, & Community

Designed for each student to establish personal, social, and multi-community goals through individual planning, students find that the entire process provides supported introspection to enhance his or her evolution to the role of a young adult. Self-contracting to achieve those goals keeps the responsibility for personal growth with the student, empowering the student to take control of his or her future in positive, proactive ways.


The mission of Student Outreach Services (SOS) is to engage all segments of the Hendrix College student population by connecting with mentors, services, resources, programs, networks, interventions, and/or preventions to increase successful holistic and positive student experiences throughout their time in the Hendrix community.

We will either find a way or make one.”  --- Hannibal of Carthage

Statement of Diversity & Inclusion:

In accordance with the Office for Diversity and Inclusion of Hendrix College, SOS and SOAR strives to uphold universal diversity and inclusion by embracing the differences of the campus. Both SOS and SOAR cultivate advancements in inclusion by encouraging open-minded conversations involving race, gender, sexuality, world views, and more while advocating for students and their situations by utilizing holistic support and access to resources. SOS and SOAR endeavor to be an unbiased and empathetic student group wanting to make a difference in the lives of others through positive, proactive assistance. 


Utilizing the communication models of informational interviewing, John Dewey's Reflective Thinking, Randy Hirokawa's Decision Making Process, and the Stephen Ministry model of layman questioning and support, the director of SOS is able to assist in identifying student issues and/or needs. Referrals are made to the office(s)  or person(s), on-campus and in the community outside, as deemed appropriate. Resources are also made available as necessary.

For each one-on-one appointment, wellness levels of mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, community, family, and financial are explored upfront with the student so that long-term struggles are lessened or alleviated as soon as possible.  This is not a "one-stop-fits-all" office.

Asking for Help:

Sometimes questions arise for which there are no quick or obvious answers. Maybe a student has a unique, or special need to address, or fears about revealing a social or personal concern. Or maybe a student might need to self-solve a problem by just having someone listen as things are talked out.

Student Outreach Services is a safe, supportive office that works in a large network to find the help needed. The SOS staff will guide students to resources that overcome obstacles and get the most from the Hendrix Experience.

In the Division of Student Affairs, SOS works with all offices and departments on campus as well as refers to resources off-campus. Using the concept of self-contracting, students learn through action to become more engaged and responsible adults in ways not related to the actual academic outcome (but could affect that outcome), but in ways that promote personal growth, knowledge, and understanding. 


  • SOS is committed to privacy for the student among all populations unless the student gives permission for the release of information and signs a release statement.
  • SOS is NOT a professional psychological counseling service.

To take the first step, contact the Office of Student Outreach Services.