Murphy Scholars Program

Cocurriculars in Literature and Language

By graduation each Murphy Scholar must complete three cocurricular projects in literature and language. These may happen off campus or on. They can range from plugging into an existing project or study-travel experience or crafting your own. What activity in literature and language would you like to do?--tutor others in writing, literature, literacy, or language; run a writing group at a retirement center; volunteer as a translator or interpreter; intern at a publication; serve as dramaturg for a theatrical production; do research at a literary archive; participate in a writing conference; or immerse yourself in linguistic study? The sky's the limit. Check out these examples of recent projects on our guidelines page.

Most literary and language cocurriculars that are already well established at Hendrix are preapproved for Murphy Scholar credit. For these, Murphy Scholars simply certify their participation in that cocurricular experience by submitting a Statement of Intent at the outset and a written reflection, described below, once the experience is finished. Only one Murphy Scholar credit will be given for a particular activity--for example, a Scholar cannot receive two program credits for two semesters of tutoring at the Writing Center.

For individually designed cocurricular projects, Murphy Scholars must submit a proposal to the Hendrix-Murphy Foundation. A review panel evaluates each request to ensure it meets program goals and to approve the funding, including any expenditures from that Scholar’s Study-Travel Allowance Fund.

A short reflection (3-4 pages, double-spaced) is required for all Murphy Scholar projects. These written works may be anywhere on the spectrum from straightforward and traditional to freeform and creative, but they must be polished, finished pieces, elegant in style, well-composed, and free of error. For traditional reflections, prompts are supplied on the Murphy Scholars' Moodle site.

Projects that use any of the Scholar's Study-Travel Allowance Fund must be represented in some fashion on the Scholar's digital portfolio. Consult program staff for more information.

  Activities preapproved for Murphy Scholar Cocurricular credit Activities requiring a proposal process for Murphy Scholar Cocurricular credit
Activities preapproved for Odyssey credit Turn in a Murphy Scholar Statement of Intent Form to Murphy and an Odyssey Statement of Intent form to Odyssey  
  • Hendrix in Bonn
  • Hendrix in Madrid
  • Hendrix in Shanghai
  • Hendrix in Tours
  • Hendrix in Costa Rica
  • International Language Ambassador through the Office of International Programs
  • Study abroad in language and literature (at least 50% of credits must be literature or language; apply through the Office of International Programs)
  • Study-travel in literature or language that is supported by an Odyssey Professorship and accompanied by that professor
  • Participation in a faculty-led study-travel experience that has been preapproved for Murphy Scholar and Odyssey credit
  • Arabic Lessons offered by the Arabic Language and Culture Club (you must attend for at least one semester)
Turn in a Murphy Scholar Proposal Form to Murphy (and indicate you are also seeking Odyssey credit)
  • Internship or professional field experience in publishing, editing, or writing

Activities requiring approval for Odyssey credit Turn in a Murphy Scholar Statement of Intent Form to Murphy and an Odyssey Proposal form to Odyssey  
  • Literary archives trip
  • Literary and language research trip
  • Research assistantship to Hendrix professor
  • Course-linked travel
  • Murphy Visiting Writer intensive study (attend all campus events by the MVW and read at least one book by that person)
  • Editorial assistantship at a faculty-edited literary magazine
  • Oxford American Internship
  • Dramaturgy internship at Arkansas Repertory Theatre, Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre, Hendrix Theatre, or Lantern Theatre
  • Serving as a Writing Associate at the Writing Center (one semester)
  • Serving as a Biology Writing Assistant in the Biology Writing Center (one semester)
  • Writing tutor/assistant for a professor (one semester--must relate to writing, not course content)
  • Aonian editorial work (one semester)
  • Profile editorial work or staff writing (one semester)
  • Running a weekly language table (one semester)
  • Attending C. D. Wright Women Writers Conference
  • NightHead steering committee (one semester)
  • Leading after-school French classes for middle-schoolers (one semester; supervised by Dr. Jellenik)
Turn in a Murphy Scholar Proposal Form to Murphy (and indicate you are also seeking Odyssey credit) 
  • Literary conference
  • Translation conference
  • Writing institute or retreat
  • Literature- or language-related research
  • Independent project in creative or dramatic writing, literary studies, or editing
  • Dramaturgy internship other than Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre, Hendrix Theatre, or Lantern Theatre
  • Language or literacy tutoring in the wider community
  • Leading a writing or book discussion group in the schools or community
  • Other (individually designed study-travel experience in literature and language)
  • Other (individually designed service project in literature and language)


    Odyssey Credit

    It may be possible to earn Odyssey credit through Murphy Scholar Cocurriculars, both the preapproved ones and those approved through a proposal process. In fact, many Murphy Scholar Cocurriculars are preapproved for Odyssey credit; a Scholar need only turn in an Odyssey Intent Form to the Odyssey Office. For cocurriculars not preapproved for Odyssey, a Scholar can turn in an Odyssey Proposal Form to the Odyssey Office. Finally, Scholars can request Odyssey credit for a given activity on their Murphy Scholar Cocurricular proposal forms. If the cocurricular project is approved by Murphy and Odyssey, upon completion the Scholar will submit the standard Project Completion and Transcript Notation Form and any other required paperwork to the Odyssey Office.

    Study-Travel Allowance Fund

    Upon entry into the program, each Murphy Scholar is allotted $4,000 to be used for approved cocurricular experiences in literature and language. Scholars may draw on this fund to cover the student-contribution costs of such programs as Hendrix in Madrid, Hendrix in Tours, and independent off-campus research or immersion experiences.

    Generally speaking, Murphy Scholars who participate in a project or trip underwritten by other campus funds must draw from their Study-Travel Allowance Fund to cover their costs. In certain cases, when support from outside endowments or grants covers all participants in a given project, Murphy Scholars will be able to take advantage of that support while using their Study-Travel Allowance Funds for any needed student contribution or out-of-pocket expenses. Foundation staff will assist Murphy Scholars in setting budgets that draw from the appropriate resources and in tracking expenditures from each Murphy Scholar’s fund.

    For further details, Scholars should consult the Funding Policies guide, available on the Murphy Scholars Moodle site.