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Engaged Educators

Hendrix faculty members have been closely connected to students’ engaged learning experiences since the launch of Your Hendrix Odyssey. Each Odyssey project includes a faculty mentor. Many Odyssey experiences are collaborative projects between faculty and students.

Your Hendrix Odyssey has also provided a source of financial support for activities that allow faculty to continue to grow as teachers and scholars.

In 2007, Hendrix introduced the Odyssey Professorships program to acknowledge the vital role that faculty members play in the success of Your Hendrix Odyssey, its effect on academic life at the College, and the impact of engaged learning experiences on students.

Hendrix received a challenge grant from the Murphy Foundation to endow 12 Odyssey Professorships that provide resources for faculty development and encourage faculty members to develop courses and co-curricular projects that create additional engaged learning opportunities for Hendrix students.

"The Odyssey Program and the Odyssey Professorships have had a profound impact on the academic culture at Hendrix," said Dr. Robert L. Entzminger, Provost, Dean of the College, and Professor of English. "They have provided the means to weave together formal classroom teaching with out-of-classroom learning opportunities in a way that is unique in higher education. In so doing, they have shifted the relationship between faculty and student to something closer to a partnership."

"The Odyssey Professorships carry sufficient funding for a large number of students to be involved, and they are sustained over a three-year period, so projects that require a longer period for gestation can be pursued," added Entzminger. "They also allow for faculty professional development."