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Becky Revoal ’07 takes 10-month 'orientation trip' with AmeriCorps


Becky Revoal ’07 takes 10-month ‘orientation trip’ with AmeriCorps


Revoal 2Becky Revoal ’07 has chosen to dedicate the past ten months to national, team-based service work, through AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC).

“When I graduated I felt sort of like the wind had been knocked out of me,” Revoal explains. “Hendrix had been all of life for me for quite a while, and I wasn't really sure what my next step would be like. I was sad to leave the classroom/out of classroom/Pecan Grove discussions, and experiences like orientation.”

The program gives members the opportunity to gain skills in many different areas including construction, education, unmet human needs, environmental work, leadership, and supervision.

“I joined Americorps NCCC without really knowing what to expect and what I got was one long, ridiculous, and wonderful orientation trip,” Revoal says.

During her time at Hendrix, Revoal was already interested in humanitarian problems. As a junior, she received Odyssey funding for a semester-long trip to Australia to learn more about disappearing Aboriginal culture. When asked about her future plans, the music major then said, “A big chunk of me is a performer, so a part of me just wants to do that all the time. A big part of me is also an activist. I wish I could be there, with Aboriginal people or whoever the downtrodden folk are, just learning and soaking in their culture.” It’s no surprise at Hendrix that her interest in helping others has shaped her plans after graduation.

Revoal 3Revoal’s team completed a total of four projects. On their first project, the team acted as supervisors of volunteers with the St. Bernard Project assisting with the rebuilding of homes in the lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. They then traveled to North Hollywood, Calif., where they served alongside teachers at Larchmont Charter School. The team’s third project was in Mobile, Ala., where they assisted Habitat for Humanity and focused on Hurricanes Katrina and Irvine relief efforts.

“It has been the most gratifying experience of my life,” says Revoal. “My view and outlook on life and the world in which I live are a direct reflection of the service I have completed.”

The team’s most recent project took place in Pass Christian, Miss., where they rebuilt homes with The Grey Hut, a non-profit organization that connects homeowners who are working to rebuild after the hurricane with volunteers who can provide skilled labor at no charge. Pass Christian was one of the areas hit the hardest by Hurricane Katrina.

“My Hendrix experience has helped me to survive the tough times and appreciate the good. I am currently in training for another 10 months as a Team Leader managing 12 individuals as we journey toward making the country and ourselves better,” Revoal says.