Sexual Misconduct

Dean's Challenge to Men

For many years, colleges have worked with students on sexual assault issues in a way to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, sexual assaults.  The challenge is staggering when you review national statistics and find that 1 in 4 college women are at risk during their time in college. 

For many, the efforts were made to work with women on risk reduction and response.  While noble in desire, this effort only works with ½ of the equation. 

The glaring truth is that 97% of the reported assaults are committed by men.  Teaching women how to reduce the risk doesn’t get to the heart of the issue.  It’s time for men to get involved to help with this issue.

I ask that all men look at ways in which they can be part of the solution.  There are some simple steps we can all take to help with this important issue. 

As men, we can take steps to be involved:

  1. Language and actions are powerful.  Don’t allow other men to objectify women.  Unfortunately, some men see this as “permission” for abuse. 
  2. If another person is being aggressive toward a woman, find a way to get involved.  Don’t be a bystander. 
  3. Be a good role model with use of alcohol.  Over 75% of person-known rapes occur when one or both have been drinking.  If you choose to consume alcohol, stay in control and know your limits.  Set good examples for others.

Let’s work together to make Hendrix a safer place for the women on our campus.  Be a part of the solution!

Jim Wiltgen

Dean of Students