Sexual Misconduct

How do I report sexual misconduct or relationship violence


There are two options for reporting sexual misconduct or a relationship violence incident if you are a Hendrix student:


Report the crime to the Hendrix Public Safety Department (450-7711) or Conway Police Department (450-6120) or law enforcement jurisdiction in which it occurred.  Reporting the crime does not mean you are ready to press charges.  Once you have decided to press charges the evidence collected will be turned over to a Prosecuting Attorney (PA) and the PA will decide if a case can be made against the perpetrator. If a police report is filed and the incident occurred on campus it more than likely be forwarded to the Dean of Students.




If you decide not to take legal action by contacting law enforcement a victim can seek college disciplinary action against the perpetrator by contacting the Dean of Students Office or the Title IX Coordinator, Shawn Goicoechea. Even if you do not file a police report initially, you always have the right to file a report later. Pursuing college conduct violation charges does not interfere in your rights to report the incident to local police.  


The following is a summary of the college conduct process that will be followed:


An alleged violation of College standards or policies will first be investigated by an appropriate College official. This involves meeting with individuals involved in the situation and examining the circumstances of the complaint. The student in question receives a written description of the specific alleged violation of College standards or policies and information regarding the conduct process. Evidence regarding the alleged violation may be reviewed but not kept by the student.  All reporting documentation remains in the student conduct folder.


The Vice President for Student Affairs / Dean of Students and Associate Dean of Students reserves the right to remove a student from the campus, restrict access to campus property or restrict contact with other college community members (no contact order) prior to a formal hearing if there are concerns for the student’s emotional or physical welfare or for the well-being of the College community. On occasions when such action is necessary, a hearing will be held as soon as possible. Customarily, pending action taken by the Gender-Based Misconduct Panel or pending an appeal, the status of a student and his or her right to be present on the campus or attend classes will not be altered. A complainant may also request housing and/or academic environment changes while the conduct case is pending.


Cases involving allegations of major sexual misconduct or relationship violence violations are heard by a Gender-Based Misconduct Panel. The panel consists of one faculty and three administrative staff who have been trained on the procedures and issues of hearing such cases.

Any student found responsible for violating the policy on Non-Consensual Sexual Intercourse will likely face a recommended sanction of suspension or expulsion. Any student found responsible for violating other categories of gender-based misconduct will likely receive a recommended sanction ranging from warning to expulsion, depending on the severity of the incident, and taking into account any previous campus conduct code violations.

See the Student Handbook for more information about the gender-based misconduct hearing process.

Anonymous Reporting Options

If you want to talk about the incident, but do not want to report it to the Dean of Students Office, then you can speak with a Hendrix counselor or chaplain. 



The College will sanction a faculty, student or staff member who harasses, intimidates or otherwise retaliates against a person because of the person’s participation in an investigation of discrimination or gender-based misconduct.  Retaliation includes but is not limited to threats or actual violence against the person or their property, adverse educational or employment consequences, ridicule, taunting, bullying or ostracism.