Recreation & Wellness

Outdoor Recreation Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent the Outdoor Equipment and where is this equipment located?All of the equipment is located in the Wellness and Athletics Center with the exception of the canoes which are located next to the Physical Plant.  All equipment, with the exception of canoes, kayaks, and mountain bikes, are free to the Hendrix community as well as all members of the Wellness and Athletics Center.  Canoes, kayaks, and mountain bikes are $5 per day.

How do I reserve this equipment?All equipment can be reserved by coming to the Outdoor Recreation room located on the first level of the WAC during the posted hours.  It is highly recommended that equipment be reserved prior to a trip to ensure you get the equipment you want.

Where can I find out about upcoming trips?Upcoming trips will be sent through email to all students, faculty, and staff.  Flyers will also be posted in the Wellness and Athletics Center about a week before the trip begins.

How do I register for a trip?
You must email Jennifer McCracken at or call the Wellness and Athletics Center to register for any upcoming trips.

Who is allowed to go on the trips?
Members of the Hendrix community are always welcome on the Outdoor Adventure Recreation trips.  If members who are registered for the trip, would like to bring a guest, they are welcome to do so, provided there is still space available.

How much do trips cost?
Each trip is priced out to give the students the most affordable cost.  Hendrix Faculty and Staff will be charged an additional fee as well as guests that participants have invited.  Each trip is priced separately and can be found be either emailing Jennifer McCracken at or calling the Wellness and Athletics Center.

What happens if I don't have the right kind of equipment for the trip?
Group equipment will be provided for each of the trips at no additional fee.  Depending on the type of trip and the equipment needed, participants can either rent the equipment or it will be provided by an outside provider. 

What if I don't have experience in the types of activities involved on the trip?
The trips presented by Recreational Sports are designed to introduce the beginner to the wonderful activities available in the local areas as well as providing appropriate challenges to more experienced participants.  The Outdoor Adventure Recreation trips are meant to be fun as well as be an opportunity to try something new.  If you have concerns, you are welcome to talk to the staff further in regards to your specific questions, but all are welcome and encouraged to attend.