Psychology Department

Psychology Club

Psychology Club is an organization for students interested in psychology and those planning a psychology-related career.

Meetings involve guest speakers, films, field trips, and social gatherings, in addition to general business. 
The club also hosts a quiz-bowl type game to help senior psychology majors prepare for the comprehensive exam.

One need not be a psychology major to join. 

2016-2017 Officers
Lexus Raney, President
Caitlin Hendrickson, Vice President
Natalie Mulkey, Secretary 
Amy Crump, Treasurer
     Dr. Jennifer Peszka, Faculty Sponsor

2015 - 2016 Officers
Anna Green, President                
Chloe Showalter, Vice President        
Anastasia Ventrano, Treasurer                
Alundra Dickson, Secretary
      Dr. Jennifer Peszka, Faculty Sponsor                

2014 - 2015 Officers
Serena Murphy, President                
Grace Dostart, Vice President        
Emma Rivera, Secretary/Publicist  
Anna Green, Treasurer                
     Dr. Jennifer Peszka, Faculty Sponsor

2009 - 2010 Officers 
President               Blake Stroud
Vice President       Sabrina Bowles
Secretary              Emily Fieser
Treasurer              Alicia Davila-Shukalo
Publicity                Daniel Fox and Rachael Kincannon
     Faculty Sponsor    Dr. Bob Hessling

Each fall the Club hosts a cookout.  Click here to see pictures of the event held on September 11, 2009. 

2008 - 2009 Officers
President              Kelly Zalocusky
Vice President      Blake Stroud
Treasurer             Wes Hewitt  
Publicity               Eileen Quinn and Sabrina Bowles
     Faculty Sponsor   Dr. Jenn Penner

2007 - 2008 Officers 
President              Rainey Gibson
Vice President      Amanda Mooneyham
Secretary             Alexis Reddig  
Publicist              Kelly Zalocusky
Faculty Sponsor  Dr. Jenn Penner
2006 - 2007 Officers
President             Adrienne Crowell
Vice President      Rainey Gibson 
Secretary             Alexis Reddig  
Treasurer             Mary Gann 
Publicist                Jessie Wood 
Historian               Amanda Mooneyham 
psi chi officers 

2005 - 2006 Officers
President             Rip Weaver
Vice President      Emily Richmond 
Secretary             Jen Freilino
Treasurer            Meredith Hawthorn 
Publicity               Stacy Schaul (not pictured)
Historian              Lauren Bailey 
Faculty Sponsors   
      Dr. Leslie Templeton (not pictured)
      Dr. Jennifer Penner (not pictured)