Hendrix Name, Seal, and Logo Usage Policy

Hendrix College, Communications and Marketing
Policy # 05110
Effective: Friday, November 9, 2018
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2. Logo

A strong brand is an asset to the institution and a reflection of our reputation and high standards. Using the official Hendrix College symbols (e.g., name, seal, logo) in an appropriate and consistent manner will strengthen our brand. 

Hendrix introduced a new graphic image in Fall 2004 and updated it in 2015. Hendrix uses Orange 158 in the Pantone Matching System as its official color, along with black.

The Office of Marketing Communications maintains guidelines for using official Hendrix College symbols (e.g., name, seal, logo). The guidelines and logo files are available online and through Marketing Communications. 

The Seal of the College appears on official documents (e.g., diplomas, transcripts), on the College banner, on the President's Chain of Office, and is used for other ceremonial purposes. The Vice President for Marketing Communications must approve any other use of the Seal. 

Marketing Communications staff members are happy to answer questions about appropriate use of Hendrix symbols.

Logos are available to departments, offices, and programs, as well as to approved vendors and to faculty and staff representing Hendrix College in an appropriate professional capacity. Do not alter official logos in any way, and do not create alternative logos for official purposes without permission from Marketing Communications. For unique situations where a logo is needed, contact Marketing Communications for assistance.

The Hendrix College Brand Guide provides all Hendrix College employees and associates with the information they need to maintain the College's brand and visual identity through an easy-to-follow set of guidelines. 

Download a PDF file of the Hendrix Brand Guide  

Consistent use of these standards by everyone involved in the creation of Hendrix communications helps maintain the integrity of the brand and the effectiveness of the graphic identity. This includes external suppliers such as advertising and design agencies and printers, as well as internal Hendrix communications and IT professionals.

The Office of Marketing Communications staff is happy to answer questions related to the system and provide art and production assistance when needed. 


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