Philosophy Department

Graduate School Placement for Hendrix Philosophy Majors

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In recent years Hendrix Philosophy majors have gone on to graduate studies at such universities as Stanford, Penn, Washington University, The New School for Social Research, Vanderbilt, and Baylor.

Philosophy Majors Teaching Philosophy at Colleges and Universities (followed by Hendrix Class and Ph.D. Granting Institution)

  • Emily Austin, '00 (Washington University, St. Louis): Associate Professor of Philosophy, Wake Forest University
  • Ben Crowe, '98 (Tulane University) Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Boston University
  • Karen Hoffman, '93 (St. Louis University)  Professor of Philosophy and Chair of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Hood College
  • Zach Manis, '00 (Baylor): Professor of Philosophy,Southwest Baptist University
  • Jason Murphy, '93 (St. Louis University) Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Elms College 
  • Amy Olberding, '91 (Hawaii): President's Associates Presidential Professor of Philosophy, University of Oklahoma  
  • Don Reed, '81 (Vanderbilt University) Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Wittenburg University
  • Zach Hoskins, '95 (Washington University, St. Louis): Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Nottingham, UK
  • Phillip Spivey, '93 (M.L.A. Arkansas Tech. University; M.A. University of Kansas) Senior Lecturer, University of Central Arkansas
  • Taryn Whittington, '01 (Baylor): Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Malone University (2007-2011); currently a seminarian in the Diocese of Little Rock, attending St. Meinrad Seminary in Indiana.

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