Selected Readings

Table of Contents

I. JourneysAnalects

  • Preface
  • Some Big Questions 
  • React and Respond to the Texts
  • Bibliographic Suggestions
  • Plagiarism

II. Confucius Journeys

  • "Renting a Son for New Year" by Zong Lihua
  • "Glossary" William Gorvine
  • from Mengzi
  • from Xunzi 

III. Greek JourneysAcopolis

  • Introducing Socrates and Plato, Peg Falls-Corbitt

  • from The Republic (Book VII: 514a-521c), Plato

IV. Islamic Journeys

  • The Prophet of Mecca (A Concise History of the Middle East pp. 27-38), Arthur Goldschmidt Jr. 
  • Excerpted Sura from the Koran about Human Relations
  • The Medina Document, Ali Bulac

V.  Scientific JourneyDarwin 2

  • Introducing Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection, Mark Sutherland
  • from The Origin of Species (Introduction, Chapters 3, 4, and 15), Charles Darwin
  • from Hen’s Teeth and Horse’s Toes (Chapters 1 and 19), Stephen Jay Gould

VI. Democratic Journeys

  • Introducing John Locke, Lawrence Schmidt and Garrett McAinsh
  • from An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (Bk. 2 Ch. 1 sec. 1-2)John Locke, John Locke
  • from Second Treatise of Government (Para. 4-14, 16, 21-33, 40, 123-31, 211-29), John Locke